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Pilates é better than Musculação?

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Pilates é better than Musculação?
Pilates é better than Musculação?

Pilates exercises are good for increasing elasticity, endurance, strength and balance while weight training is good for increasing muscle volume leaving the body well defined. Another difference is the weight training routine and the variety of Pilates.

Pilates also strengthens the pelvic muscles, improves breathing and posture, being a great complement for those who already practice weight training.

There are two different ways to practice Pilates, one is on the floor using only weights, springs, balls of different sizes, circles, elastic band and your own body weight and the other is with specific Pilates equipment. Both ways are good to lose weight and to define the body, but the one that gives the fastest results is the Pilates method with equipment.

Bodybuilding exercises promote the increase of muscle mass in a relatively short time and in about 6 months of training it is possible to observe a better body contour and greater definition of the muscles. But in Pilates, if the exercises are performed correctly, in 3 months it is possible to observe that the muscles are firmer to the touch and during contraction.

Can I do Pilates and weight training together?

Whoever likes to do physical exercise can take Pilates and weight training classes, but not on the same day. The ideal is to do one type of exercise on one day and the other day, alternating between them.

Whoever just wants to increase muscle mass to look stronger should opt for weight training, especially in the first few months, and then you can maintain these muscles through Pilates because in these methods the objective of the exercises is not only to increase muscle volume.

Pilates replaces weight training?

Pilates replaces weight training depending on the goals to be achieved. Check out some differences between them:

Pilates Bodybuilding
More balance, coordination and flexibility More muscle volume quickly
More strength with less muscle volume Major bone benefit
Best breathing Strengthening specific muscle groups

Whatever type of exercise you choose, it will certainly bring great benefits to your body. The important thing is not to be sedentary and ensure that you practice some physical activity regularly.

In addition, during training, it is important to keep the body hydrated and provide energy, in these cases it is recommended to consume homemade energy drinks. See how to prepare a homemade energy drink by watching this video:

What are the benefits of pilates

Some of the benefits of doing Pilates for the body include:

  • Strengthening of the abdomen muscles;
  • Relieves back pain;
  • Increases flexibility;
  • Improves posture;
  • Increases cardiovascular capacity;
  • Decreases joint inflammation.

In addition, there is clinical pilates which is similar to physiotherapy, where adapted pilates exercises are used to help in the recovery of various types of injuries, strengthen the pelvic muscles in incontinence or improve the athlete's performance, for example.

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