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Exercístretching exercises to do before and after your walk

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Exercístretching exercises to do before and after your walk
Exercístretching exercises to do before and after your walk

Stretching exercises for walking should be done before walking because they prepare the muscles and joints for exercise and improve blood circulation, but they should also be done right after the walk because they help remove the excess lactic acid from the muscles, decreasing the pain that can arise after physical exertion.

Walking stretching exercises should be done with all major muscle groups, such as legs, arms and neck, lasting at least 20 seconds.

Exercise 1

Bend your body forward as shown in the picture, without bending your knees.

Exercise 2

Stay in the position showing the second image for 20 seconds.

Exercise 3

Remain in the position shown in image 3, until you feel your calf stretch.

To do these stretches, just stay in the position showing each image for 20 seconds at a time.

It is very important to do stretches with your legs before you start walking, but after a good walk you can do the stretching exercises that we indicate in the following video because they relax your whole body and you will feel good better:

Recommendations for good walks

Recommendations for walking correctly are:

  • Do these exercises before and after your walk;
  • Whenever you do a stretch with one leg, do it with the other, before moving to another muscle group;
  • When performing the stretch, you should not feel pain, only the muscle pulling;
  • Start walking slowly and only after 5 minutes increase the pace of the walk. In the last 10 minutes of walking, slow down;
  • Progressively increase walking time.

Before starting to walk it is important to consult a doctor because in case of heart disease the doctor may prohibit this exercise.

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