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What is the albumin supplement used for and contraindicationsções

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What is the albumin supplement used for and contraindicationsções
What is the albumin supplement used for and contraindicationsções

Albumin is a high-quality protein produced by the liver that performs various functions in the body, such as transporting nutrients through the blood, fighting free radicals and strengthening the immune system. The main food source of albumin is the egg, being a great option to increase the quantity and quality of protein in the diet.

Because it is a high-quality protein and has great digestion, albumin can also be consumed in the form of a supplement, which is composed only of egg whites, helping to gain muscle mass and recover after exercise. intense physical activity. Discover other supplements that favor muscle mass gain.

Albumin supplementation is usually indicated 30 minutes before or right after physical exercise, and can be consumed along with yogurt, milk or fruit juice.However, excessive consumption of proteins can cause kidney failure and, therefore, they should only be consumed under the guidance of a nutritionist or nutritionist.

What is albumin for

Albumin is present in good amounts in the body and in foods such as eggs and milk, having several he alth benefits, including:

  • Improve muscle recovery after training;
  • Favoring muscle mass gain;
  • Fighting free radicals;
  • Transport nutrients in the blood;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory;
  • Improve blood circulation.

To have the benefits of albumin supplementation, it is essential to maintain a balanced and varied diet in fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean proteins and whole grains, as well as maintaining the regular practice of physical exercise.

Is albumin fattening?

Because it is a protein, albumin needs more time to be digested, prolonging satiety and controlling hunger and, therefore, it does not gain weight.

However, the consumption of the supplement associated with an inadequate diet and a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weight gain.

How to take it

Albumin supplement can be found in supplement stores, and is usually sold, being generally recommended 20 and 40 g per day, which can be mixed with milk, fruit juice or yogurt and ingested 30 minutes before or right after training.

As it is made from egg whites, albumin can also be a good protein supplement option for people with milk allergies.

Side effects and contraindications

Albumin supplement is not indicated for people with renal failure, who are undergoing hemodialysis, with liver problems and pancreatitis.

In addition, excessive consumption of albumin can cause some mild problems like gas, diarrhea and, in more severe cases, can put a strain on the kidneys. Therefore, it is important that albumin consumption is carried out only under the guidance of a nutritionist or nutritionist.

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