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5 games to stimulate babyê walking alone

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5 games to stimulate babyê walking alone
5 games to stimulate babyê walking alone

The baby can start walking by itself around 9 months of age, but the most common thing is for the child to start walking when they are 1 year old. However, it is also completely normal for a baby to walk until he is 18 months old without this being any cause for concern.

Parents should only be concerned if the baby is over 18 months and shows no interest in walking or if, after 15 months, the baby also has other developmental delays such as still not being able to sit or crawl, for example. In this case, the pediatrician can evaluate the baby and request tests that can identify the cause of this developmental delay.

These games can be played naturally, during the free time that parents have to take care of the baby and can be used if the baby is already sitting alone, without needing any support and if he also shows that he has strength in the legs and able to move, even if they do not crawl very well, but they do not need to be performed before the baby is 9 months old:

  1. Hold the baby's hands while he is standing on the floor, and walk with him taking a few small steps. Be careful not to overtir the baby and not strain the shoulder joints by pulling the baby too hard or too fast for him to walk.
  2. Place a toy at the end of the sofa when the baby is standing holding it on the sofa, or on a side table, so that he is attracted to the toy and tries to reach it him walking.
  3. Lay the baby on his back, support your hands on his little feet so that he makes strength, pushing his hands up This game is one of the favorites of babies and It's great for building muscle strength and strengthening ankle, knee, and hip joints.
  4. Offer toys that can be pushed while standing like a doll cart, grocery cart, or cleaning trolley so baby can push around the house as much as they want, whenever they want.
  5. Stand two steps away from the baby and call him to come to you alone It is important to keep a tender, happy look on your face so that the baby feel safe. As the baby can fall, it might be a good idea to try this game on the grass, because that way if the baby falls, he's less likely to get hurt.

If the baby falls, it is advisable to support him with affection, without frightening him so that he is not afraid to try to walk alone again.

All newborn babies up to 4 months when held by the armpits and with their feet flat on any surface look like they want to walk. This is the gait reflex, which is natural for humans and tends to disappear at 5 months.

Check out more games that help baby's development in this video:

Care to protect the baby who is learning to walk

The baby who is learning to walk should not be in a walker, because this equipment is contraindicated as it can harm child development, causing the child to walk later. Understand the harms of using the classic walker.

When the baby is still learning to walk he can walk barefoot indoors and on the beach. On the coldest days, non-slip socks are a great option because that way the feet don't get cold and the baby feels better on the floor, making it easier to walk alone.

After he has mastered the art of walking alone, he will need to wear suitable shoes that do not harm the development of the feet, providing more safety for the child to walk. The shoe should be the correct size and should not be too small or too loose, to give the baby more support for walking. Therefore, while the baby is not walking safely, it is better not to wear flip flops, only if they have an elastic band in the back. See how to choose the ideal shoe for the baby to learn to walk.

Parents need to always accompany the baby wherever he is, because this phase is very dangerous and as soon as the baby starts to walk he will be able to reach everywhere in the house, which may not have arrived just crawling.It is good to keep an eye on the stairs, placing a small gate both at the bottom and at the top of the stairs can be a good solution to prevent the child from going up or down the stairs alone and getting hurt.

Although a baby doesn't like to be stuck in a crib or playpen, parents should limit where she can be. Closing the room doors can be useful so that the child is not alone in any room. Protecting the corner of the furniture with small supports is also important so that the baby does not bump his head.

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