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4 steps to follow to lose belly

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4 steps to follow to lose belly
4 steps to follow to lose belly

Home treatments, dietary changes and aesthetic treatments such as lipocavitation or cryolipolysis are some of the options available to eliminate localized fat and lose belly fat.

But losing belly is not always an easy task, because localized fat is not always easy to eliminate, requiring some discipline in food, dedication and patience, as the results can take between 1 to 4 weeks to appear.

We indicate below the steps you should follow to eliminate localized fat:

1. Home treatments

A great home treatment that helps to potentiate belly loss consists of performing daily massages using specific creams, with lipolytic, draining or anti-cellulite action.The cream should be applied at night, on clean and dry skin, and to increase its effect you can choose to wrap your belly with cling film for 20 minutes. To enhance the effects of these creams, it is recommended to complement their application with an exfoliation on the skin once a week.

2. Diet to lose belly

To lose belly it is important to follow a low-calorie diet, restricting the consumption of fat and sugar, increasing the consumption of water and fiber. Betting on foods that improve intestinal transit, combat fluid retention, and speed up metabolism is an excellent strategy, so it is advisable to eat watermelon, oatmeal, ginger, eggplant, pear, orange, whole grains, legumes and vegetables.

3. Aesthetic treatments to eliminate fat

There are some aesthetic treatments that can be quite effective in eliminating abdominal fat, such as:

  • Lipocavitation: is an aesthetic procedure that serves to eliminate localized fat in the belly, thighs, flanks or back, using an ultrasound device that helps to destroy accumulated fat;
  • Carboxitherapy: a treatment that helps to eliminate localized fat through the application of injections in the skin with carbon dioxide. This gas increases blood flow and skin microcirculation, increases local oxygenation and promotes cell renewal, leaving the skin firmer;
  • Radiofrequency: when the objective is to eliminate localized fat and treat cellulite, depending on its graduation, 7 to 10 sessions will be necessary.
  • Electrolipolysis: consists of the application of needles with local electrical stimulation, which damages adipocytes, extravasating fat;
  • Cryolipolysis: a procedure to reduce measurements, which uses a technique of freezing body fat. This freezing causes an injury to the walls of fat cells, which are available to be spent.

It is mandatory after a session with one of these treatments to do a lymphatic drainage session and moderate/high intensity exercises within 48 hours, to ensure that the mobilized fat is really eliminated from the body. If these guidelines are not followed, the result is compromised because the fat will accumulate again.

Learn more about treatments to reduce localized fat in the following video:

4. Exercises to burn fat

Fundamental part of the fat burning process is exercise. It is true that any exercise is better than none, and even walking 20 minutes a day is already beneficial for he alth, but if you want to burn fat, you need to work up a sweat and do some type of aerobic exercise, from moderate to high intensity, 5- 7 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. But to prevent the skin from becoming flaccid, you should also practice exercises that increase your muscles, such as weight training.These are great for shaping the body and boosting metabolism making the body burn more calories, even while sleeping.

Some exercises indicated to burn fat are running, brisk walking, cycling with heavy gear, squash, tennis, jumping or dancing, for example. For those who are not used to physical activity, it can be more pleasant to vary the activity, attending different classes each day. Discover 3 simple exercises to do at home and lose belly, which help in this process.

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