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4 opções to increase the butt more rápido

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4 opções to increase the butt more rápido
4 opções to increase the butt more rápido

To increase the buttocks, it is recommended to perform exercises that work the gluteal muscle, such as squats, lunges and hip raises, for example, as they promote local contraction and favor muscle mass gain. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a quick process, and it is important that the exercises are performed on a regular basis, under the guidance of a physical education professional, and that the person also has a he althy, protein-rich diet.

Other options to increase the buttocks are aesthetic treatments, such as electrostimulation and lipocavitation, for example, in addition to fat grafting and silicone implants in the buttocks. Among these options, the only one that guarantees a quick result is the silicone implant, however it is also associated with a higher cost.

Some options to enlarge the butt are:

1. Exercises

The best exercises to promote gluteal augmentation are those that work the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus muscles, such as the squat, hip raise and lunge, for example. In addition, exercises that work the back of the thigh, such as lying flexor and stiff, can also help in the definition process, as long as they are performed correctly according to the guidance of a physical education professional.

The way the squat, hip lift and lunge are performed may vary according to the person's physical preparation, and the instructor may propose to perform more or less repetitions and variations of the applied method and exercise.

For example, in the case of squats, it can be proposed to perform squats with jump, squats with a bar supported behind or in front of the body or simple squats, while the lunge can be performed with or without weight and with one of the legs supported on a bench, for example.

It is important that in all exercises the abdomen is well contracted, as it is possible to guarantee a better execution of the movement, in addition to being essential that the glutes are contracted during the performance of the hip elevation. See more about glute squats.

However, in order to guarantee the results of the training, it is very important to have a balanced and he althy diet, in which there is a greater consumption of proteins, because this way it is possible to favor the gain of muscle mass.

Is the result definitive? Not exactly, because when you stop training the muscles regress in size, returning to the original. But with the regular practice of physical activity and the intensification of exercises for the glutes, they can remain in the expected size or increase in size.

2. Treatments with aesthetic appliances

Aesthetic treatments can help increase volume, as is the case with FES and Russian current, which are electrostimulation devices that recruit a greater number of muscle fibers during their use.This equipment can be found in aesthetic clinics, it doesn't hurt and has very good results.

Other equipment that is also indicated to improve the appearance of the buttocks are lipocavitation, which eliminates localized fat, and radiofrequency, which fights sagging. These equipments can be performed weekly or every 15 days, and immediately after using it, it is recommended to perform a manual lymphatic drainage session to maximize its effects.

The results can usually be seen after 3-6 treatment sessions, and as cellulite is multifactorial, proper nutrition, low in sugar and fat, and the intake of plenty of water and green tea is also indicated, as well as the regular practice of physical activity.

Is the result definitive? Not exactly. For the results to be maintained, the person should not gain weight or stop practicing physical activity. If this happens, any result achieved with the aesthetic devices will be lost.

3. Butt fat grafting

Plastic butt surgery can be done with a fat graft, taken from the belly or flanks. To perform fat grafting, the plastic surgeon performs liposuction, removing localized fat from another region of the body, which is properly treated and then grafted onto the buttocks.

Recovery takes a few days, and it is necessary to rest, avoid exertion and perform lymphatic drainage sessions to remove excess fluids and facilitate recovery. See more details about fat grafting.

Is the result final? Yes. Although after a few months there is a small decrease in the buttocks after fat grafting, the results remain very close to what is intended.

4. Silicone prosthesis on the butt

Placing a silicone prosthesis in the buttocks is also a quick option for buttock augmentation, and the result can be seen in approximately 1 month, after recovery from surgery and reduction of local swelling.As with any other surgery, this one can also have he alth risks, so there are contraindications that must be respected.

To perform this type of cosmetic surgery, the doctor can make two small incisions in the region closest to the end of the spine and insert the prostheses, previously chosen, immediately observing the new appearance of the glutes. After that, the incision is closed and if everything is controlled, the person can go to the room the same day. The hospital stay is approximately 2 days, but full recovery takes place after 6 months, when there should be no changes in the buttocks.

Is the result final? Yes. The silicone prosthesis has the most definitive result, because the prosthesis does not change in size and is not related to external factors, however, this type of treatment requires a greater financial investment.

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