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Chá of Yam: what is it for, how to make it and how to take it

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Chá of Yam: what is it for, how to make it and how to take it
Chá of Yam: what is it for, how to make it and how to take it

Yam tea can be consumed by both men and women, as it is able to strengthen the immune system, improve the digestive process, control cholesterol and blood glucose levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases, for example.

Women of childbearing age usually make use of yam tea mainly to get pregnant, as it is capable of increasing estrogen levels in the blood and thus favoring ovulation. However, this relationship between yam tea and increased fertility is not yet scientifically proven.

What is it for

Yam is a food with a low glycemic index and rich in proteins, fibers and vitamins, mainly vitamin C and the B complex, having, therefore, several he alth benefits, such as the improvement of the digestive process, control of cholesterol levels, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and help in the weight loss process, for example.Discover other benefits of yam.

Yam can be consumed raw, in recipes or in the form of tea, and this form is widely used by women who wish to become pregnant. This is because yam has in its composition a hormone that is transformed into DHEA in the body, another hormone responsible for regulating the levels of female sex hormones circulating in the blood, controlling estrogen levels and increasing estrogen levels, stimulating ovulation..

Despite being widely used by women to promote pregnancy, there is still no scientific evidence that this actually happens, so it is important to consult the gynecologist so that strategies are adopted to stimulate ovulation. See also other ways to stimulate ovulation.

Can a man drink yam tea?

Although yam tea is used mainly by women in order to stimulate ovulation, even though there is no scientific evidence, yam tea can also be consumed by men, as it has other benefits, such as increased energy and disposition, combating inflammatory processes and strengthening the immune system.

In addition to tea, yam can be consumed in other ways, such as cooked, raw or as an ingredient in cakes, for example. Check out some recipes with yams.

How to make Yam Tea

Yam tea can be taken by anyone at any time of the day, however it is important that large amounts are not ingested, as it can result in weight gain and diarrhea, for example.


  • Peel of 1 yam;
  • 1 glass of water.

Preparation mode

To make yam tea, just place the yam peel in boiling water and leave it for about 5 minutes with the lid on. Then let it cool, strain and drink on an empty stomach. As yam tea doesn't have much flavor, it may be interesting to add some sweetener to make it better.

In the case of women who drink yam tea to get pregnant, it is recommended to take it close to the fertile period so that there is stimulation of ovulation and increases the chances of pregnancy. See how to identify the fertile period.

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