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5 benefíeats of eating slowly and chewing food well

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5 benefíeats of eating slowly and chewing food well
5 benefíeats of eating slowly and chewing food well

Eating slowly makes you lose weight because it allows time for the feeling of satiety to reach the brain, indicating that the stomach is full and that it is time to stop eating.

In addition, the more times you chew and swallow small portions of food, the more stimulus is sent to the intestines to move, decreasing the tendency to constipation and also improving digestion.

However, there are other benefits of eating slowly. A list of the main ones is:

1. Slimming

Weight loss happens because, when eating slowly, the signal sent from the stomach to the brain, to indicate that you are already full, has time to arrive before you have eaten 2 plates of food.

By eating fast, this no longer happens and, therefore, you eat a greater amount of food and calories until satiety arrives.

2. Improves digestion

Chewing food well facilitates the digestion process because, in addition to grinding food better, it also increases the production of saliva, which facilitates the action of gastric acid. When this happens, food stays in the stomach for less time and it is even possible to control the symptoms of heartburn, gastritis or reflux.

3. Increases the feeling of satiety

The habit of eating fast, in addition to favoring the ingestion of food in larger quantities, also reduces the contact of food with the taste buds, which are responsible for the perception of flavor and the emission of the message of satisfaction and satiety to the brain.

On the contrary, eating slowly allows you to taste the food more easily, which also reduces the addiction to artificial flavors and processed foods.

4. Decrease fluid intake

Reducing the consumption of liquids in the meal can also help to reduce the calories ingested, especially when it comes to drinks with a lot of calories such as soft drinks, industrialized or natural juices.

But even when it comes to water, drinking more than 1 glass (250 ml) can decrease digestion efficiency and lead to the need to feel heavy stomach after every meal. This can make the next meal try to repeat this "weight" in the stomach with more water, caloric liquids or even more food, facilitating weight gain.

5. Increases the taste of food

Looking at food, smelling its aroma and setting aside adequate time to eat helps to reduce stress and relax at me altime, allowing you to enjoy the taste of food and making eating a moment of pleasure.

How to eat slower

To be able to eat more slowly, you should try to eat sitting at the table, avoiding the sofa or bed, avoid using the television during the meal, always use cutlery to eat instead of using your hands and consume salad as a starter or warm soup.

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