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What é the banana diet (and how to do it)

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What é the banana diet (and how to do it)
What é the banana diet (and how to do it)

The morning banana diet, also known as the “Banana Wing Diet”, consists of eating only bananas, at will, for breakfast and, after 15 to 30 minutes, drinking water at room temperature or tea without sugar and at ease. This diet was created in Japan in 2008 by a pharmacist and specialist in preventive medicine, which made this diet very popular in Japan and later in other countries.

The morning banana diet can help with weight loss, as bananas are a fruit rich in fiber, which help control hunger throughout the day, in addition to helping to control anxiety and food compulsion, because it has good amounts of tryptophan and magnesium, responsible for improving mood and relaxation. Learn about other he alth benefits of banana consumption.

However, there is still no scientific proof of the effect of this diet on weight loss. Therefore, when deciding to go on a weight loss diet, it is recommended to go through a consultation with a nutritionist to assess the he alth status and nutritional needs, developing an individualized food plan.

How to diet

Some banana morning diet recommendations to help with weight loss include:

  • Eat only natural bananas for breakfast, in the amount you wish;
  • Chew food well, to allow time for the feeling of satiety to reach the brain, indicating that the stomach is full and that it is time to stop eating. See other benefits of chewing food well and slowly;
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as water takes up space in the stomach, helping to reduce hunger;
  • Early dinner, eating up to 3 hours before bed and no later than 20:00;
  • Maintain a balanced diet for the rest of the day, including vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and legumes. The diet's creator also recommends prioritizing Japanese food and rice;
  • Get a good night's sleep,going to bed before 24:00 and sleeping at least 7 hours a night. See how many hours of sleep per day according to age;
  • Wake up calmly and without an alarm clock, as the alarm clock can irritate some people in the morning, contributing to increased anxiety and binge eating.

In addition, it is recommended to practice physical activity regularly, to help with general well-being and weight loss.

Foods to avoid

During the morning banana diet, it is important to avoid eating foods with a lot of sugar, such as sweets, ice cream and soft drinks, and very fatty foods, such as fried foods, snacks, pizza or fast food.

Banana Diet Menu

The following table shows an example of a 3-day banana diet menu for weight loss:


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Bananas + 1 cup unsweetened tea or room temperature water Bananas + 1 cup unsweetened coffee or room temperature water Bananas + 1 cup unsweetened tea or room temperature water


3 tbsp of wholegrain rice + 2 tbsp of bean soup + 1 grilled fish fillet + 1 saucer of grated lettuce, carrot and beetroot salad, seasoned with 1 tbsp of olive oil 3 tbsp quinoa soup + 1 grilled chicken fillet + 2 tbsp chickpea salad + 4 tbsp sautéed broccoli and cauliflower, seasoned with 1 tbsp olive oil 1 flat plate of yakissoba with chicken, carrots, cabbage, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, broccoli, peppers, onions and soy sauce


1 small sleeve 1 tangerine 1 pear


1 bowl of vegetable soup, with cabbage, peppers, leek, zucchini, carrots, tomato and chayote 1 omelet with 2 eggs, with spinach, onion and tomato + 1 dessert plate of lettuce salad, arugula and grated carrot seasoned with 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 plate of salad with 120g of shredded chicken, Swiss chard, tomato, spinach, cooked green beans, red onion and peas, seasoned with lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and parsley

This menu is just a model of diet that varies according to preferences, he alth status and individual calorie expenditure. Therefore, the ideal is to have the follow-up of a nutritionist for a complete evaluation and a nutritional plan suited to the needs of each person.

Other he althy ways to lose weight

In addition to the morning banana diet, there are other ways to help with he althy weight loss, such as:

  • Making a low carb diet: a low carb diet is a style of eating where you reduce the amount of foods rich in carbohydrates and fat, which accelerates metabolism and favors the slimming. Learn how to do the low carb diet;
  • Practice regular physical activity: some physical activities, such as weight training, HIIt or dancing accelerate metabolism, generating caloric expenditure and weight loss. Find out which physical activities help you lose weight;
  • Eat a balanced diet: a balanced diet, prioritizing lean proteins, whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables help to prolong satiety, promoting weight loss. See how to put together a balanced diet to lose weight.

In addition, consuming thermogenic foods daily, such as cinnamon, coffee, cinnamon, green tea or ginger, helps to speed up metabolism, making the body spend more energy and promoting weight loss. Find out about other thermogenic foods and how to include them in your diet.

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