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Pholia lean: what is it for and how to take it

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Pholia lean: what is it for and how to take it
Pholia lean: what is it for and how to take it

Pholia lean is a medicinal plant, scientifically named Cordia ecalyculata Vell, used as a supplement to aid in weight loss diets, as it has substances with diuretic and thermogenic action, such as caffeine, allantoin and allantoic acid, which help to reduce appetite eliminate excess fluids and increase fat burning.

The parts normally used of this plant are the leaves, from which the active substances are extracted.

Lean Pholia should be used under the guidance of a physician or other he alth care professional who has experience with the use of medicinal plants.

What is it for

Pholia lean has diuretic, thermogenic, appetite-reducing and energizing properties, due to substances present in its leaves, such as caffeine, allantoin and allantoic acid, being indicated as a supplement to aid in weight loss diets.

The main indications of lean Pholia are:

  • Assist in weight loss diets;
  • Fighting localized fat and cellulite;
  • Fighting fluid retention;
  • Increase energy expenditure;
  • Accelerate metabolism;
  • Strengthen the heart and protect the coronary arteries, reducing the risk of heart problems.

Furthermore, some studies carried out with rats in the laboratory show that when used in the form of an alcoholic extract, Pholia lean can help in the treatment of herpes, as it helps to reduce the multiplication of the herpes simplex virus type 1 [1, 2]However, human studies are still needed to prove this effect.

How to take it

The parts used in Pholia Lean are its leaves from which active substances with medicinal properties are extracted.

The main ways to use Lean Pholia are:

  • Pholia Lean Capsules: the normally recommended dose is 125 to 300 mg, taken 30 minutes before each meal, 2 times a day, or as directed by your doctor;
  • Lean Pholia Tea: add 2 tablespoons of the powder or dried leaves to 1 liter of boiling water. Cover and let rest for about 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup up to 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

Before starting the use of Pholia Lean, it is important that the doctor is consulted, so that it is possible to indicate the safe amount for use and its duration.

Possible side effects

The side effects of Lean Pholia are not yet known, therefore, its use should only be done with medical advice or a he alth professional with experience in medicinal plants.

Who should not use

Lean Pholia should not be used by pregnant women, or people who have high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney disease or insomnia, or who are sensitive to caffeine, as it increases heart rate and acts as a stimulant.

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