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Garbage day: how to do it right so you don't spoil your diet

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Garbage day: how to do it right so you don't spoil your diet
Garbage day: how to do it right so you don't spoil your diet

The 'garbage day' has been widely used by dieters and even athletes, being known as the day when you can eat all the food you want and in the quantities you want, regardless of the quality of foods and the amount of calories in them.

However, 'garbage day' is harmful especially for those who want to lose weight, as caloric consumption goes far beyond what is recommended in the diet, easily generating a weight gain of 1 to 3 kg.

Because trash day doesn't work

Despite following a good diet throughout the week, taking a full day to exaggerate in calories will cause losses such as weight gain, fluid retention and intestinal changes.Thus, the individual loses the results achieved during the past week and will have to restart the adaptation process the following week.

Getting off your diet a lot on the weekends is one of the main reasons for not being able to lose weight or always hovering between 1 to 3 kg more or less. A fast food hamburger and cheese sandwich, plus a medium fries, with soda and ice cream for dessert, for example, total about 1000 kcal, which is well over half the calories an adult woman with about from 60 to 70 kg would need to lose weight.

Swap Trash Day for a Free Meal

Eating just 1 free meal a week instead of eating an entire day barely helps control calorie consumption and doesn't spoil the diet. In general, this free meal does not interfere with weight loss, as the body can quickly return to burning fat.

This free meal can be made any day of the week and at any time, and can be inserted into days with social events such as birthdays, weddings and parties at work.The free meal can contain any food, but you are asked to try not to exaggerate the amounts, so that control of the diet will remain.

Garbage Day increases muscle?

Although garbage day causes more damage to those who want to lose weight, those who want to gain muscle should also not abuse it so much, because overdoing it will facilitate the gain of fat instead of muscle. This is mainly because the caloric excess of the garbage day is much more than the recommended in the diet, and usually happens on a non-training day.

To eat more and get out of the food plan, a good tip is to train on garbage day, as this will make the muscle mass capture a good part of the excess calories to recover, helping to reduce the fat gain that so many calories would bring. See which are the 10 best foods to gain muscle mass.

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