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6 tips to lose weight in 10 days

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6 tips to lose weight in 10 days
6 tips to lose weight in 10 days

To lose weight in 10 days and in a he althy way, it is recommended to reduce calorie intake and increase energy expenditure. Therefore, it is important to exercise regularly and have a he althy and balanced diet.

Furthermore, for the 10-day weight loss program to have a positive and lasting effect, it is very important to have determination and willpower and to be accompanied, preferably, by a nutritionist and a personal trainer, because then the results can be better.

1. Start the day with a 30-minute walk

Walking is a low to moderate intensity physical activity that is important not only for the weight loss process, but also for improving quality of life and well-being.That's because walking promotes improved body posture, decreases anxiety and stress, reduces swelling, strengthens the body's muscles and improves blood circulation. Discover other benefits of walking.

Starting the day with a walk is a great strategy for weight loss, as it stimulates blood circulation and starts the fat burning process. For this, it is recommended that the walk be done at a fast pace and with constant speed, so that breathing is accelerated and it is not possible to talk easily. If the person is sedentary, you can start walking at a slower pace and, preferably, accompanied by a physical education professional.

In addition to walking at the beginning of the day, it is important to do other types of exercises such as weight training, for example, as this stimulates muscle mass formation and decreases accumulated fat.

2. Eat 3 different fruits daily

Fruit consumption is very important to promote weight loss, because fruits are great sources of essential vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of the intestine and the body as a whole. Thus, eating at least 3 fruits a day and exercising helps to speed up metabolism and, consequently, lose weight.

Some fruits that help in the weight loss process are strawberry, kiwi and pear, for example, as they have few calories and are rich in fiber and vitamins, making them great allies in weight loss. See other fruits that help you lose weight.

3. Eat fish 4 times a week

Fish are great sources of protein, omega-3 and vitamin D, having benefits not only for the weight loss process but also for improving the immune system, preventing cardiovascular diseases and bone diseases.

In addition, as it is rich in protein and has fewer calories than red meat and chicken, the consumption of fish also promotes muscle mass gain, having a positive effect on weight loss. Learn more about the benefits of eating fish.

4. Drink 2 liters of water daily

In addition to hydrating and keeping the skin he althy, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day improves digestion and helps regulate the intestines, being essential to lose weight and maintain the proper functioning of the body. A strategy to lose weight can be to drink water with lemon, as it promotes a cleansing in the palate and reduces the desire to eat sweets.

Water also promotes the regulation of body temperature, stimulates the correct functioning of the body's biochemical and metabolic processes, improves kidney function, reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

5. Eat a light meal before bed

Before going to bed it is important to have a light and easily digestible meal, especially if the interval between dinner and bedtime is longer than 3 hours. It is important to do this to prevent the person from waking up hungry the next day, which can have a negative effect on weight loss.

So, before going to sleep, you can have a glass of soy milk, a fruit or a cup of soothing tea, for example, so that you can maintain the weight loss process. See more about what to eat before bed so you don't get fat.

6. Take 3-hour breaks between meals

Eating every 3 hours is interesting for those who want to lose weight, because this way the glucose level is more stable during the day. In addition, it is important to reduce the amount of calories in each meal, which should be breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and supper.

So, by reducing the amount of calories, it is possible to eat more and in a he althy way throughout the day, with weight loss. Check out a menu option to lose 3 kg in 10 days.

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