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What to eat à night for não get fat

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What to eat à night for não get fat
What to eat à night for não get fat

Although many people try to avoid eating food before bed, as they believe it can increase fat stores and therefore lead to weight gain, this is not always true. However, it is essential to know how to choose what to eat before going to sleep because if the calorie intake is too high, the snack before bed can actually increase fat mass and impair muscle mass gain, for example.

Before going to bed, you should eat light foods that are easy to digest and have calming properties to facilitate sleep, such as avocado smoothie, yogurt with oatmeal, banana with nuts or milk with honey, for example. See also a list of foods that facilitate sleep.

In addition, you can also drink beverages with calming properties such as chamomile tea or passion fruit juice, which naturally help to calm, relax and sleep well, which is important both in the weight loss process and in recovery. and muscle growth.

4 snacks to eat before bed

For those who want to lose weight, it is important not to go to bed hungry because this will make you feel even hungrier the next day, thus tending to eat more. Therefore, what you should eat before bed, in order not to gain weight, should be light meals with few calories, such as:

  1. A glass of rice, soy or milk drink;
  2. A yogurt;
  3. A strawberry or kiwi smoothie;
  4. A jelly.

Sometimes, just a warm tea like chamomile, linden or lemon balm, for example, to help reduce the feeling of hunger and it's not even necessary to eat before bed. If you work at night, these snacks aren't enough, but there's no need to overdo it either. See also some tips on what to eat at night at work.

What to eat before bed for hypertrophy

For those who want to recover and increase muscle mass, favoring muscle hypertrophy, it is necessary to eat foods rich in proteins such as milk and dairy products or eggs and low glycemic index carbohydrates such as whole grains to replace the energy spent during training and not be hungry at night.

Some good snacks to make before bed for those who want to increase muscle mass can be oatmeal, avocado or banana smoothie and yogurt with oatmeal, for example.

Is eating before bed bad for you?

Eating before bed is bad when the meal is very fatty and difficult to digest. In addition, it is only necessary to eat before bed if the interval between dinner time and bedtime is longer than 3 hours.

It is also not good to drink drinks such as coffee, guarana, black tea or caffeinated soft drinks before bed because these drinks are stimulants and do not contribute to a restful sleep. See answers to other weight loss myths and truths.

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