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CáEggplant capsule

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CáEggplant capsule
CáEggplant capsule

The eggplant capsule is a food supplement that is indicated in the treatment of cholesterol, atherosclerosis, liver and bile duct problems, as it helps to reduce or regulate cholesterol, to reduce the formation of fatty plaques inside the arteries and increasing bile secretion.

Furthermore, the eggplant capsule makes you lose weight, because in addition to increasing the secretion of bile that is responsible for digesting food fats, it has a diuretic action.

Eggplant capsules are produced by botanical laboratories such as Bionatus or Herbarium and can be purchased in pharmacies such as Ultrafarma or in natural products stores in the form of capsules, which contain the dry extract of eggplant powder.

What is the eggplant capsule for

The eggplant capsule is used to treat high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and problems in the liver and bile ducts, and can also be used to lose weight due to its hypocholesterolemic, anti-atheromatous, diuretic and cholagogue action, that is, that increases bile secretion.

In this way, the benefits of eggplant capsules include lowering or regulating cholesterol, weight loss and treating atherosclerosis, as well as liver and bile duct problems.

Dosage of eggplant capsule

The dosage of eggplant capsules is to take 500 to 1000 mg daily or as prescribed by your doctor.

Eggplant capsule contraindications

No contraindications for eggplant capsules have been described.

Price of eggplant capsule

The price of eggplant capsules varies between 20 to 40 reais, depending on the laboratory, dose and number of capsules.

In addition to the eggplant capsule, there are also eggplant and artichoke capsules and eggplant capsules with lemon.

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