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25 fiber-rich fruits (and recommended amount)

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25 fiber-rich fruits (and recommended amount)
25 fiber-rich fruits (and recommended amount)

Fruits rich in fiber, such as pineapple, guava, jambo and tamarind, help with weight loss, because they form a gel in the stomach, slowing down digestion and controlling the desire to eat throughout the day.

In addition, fruits rich in fiber also increase the presence of liquids in the intestine and the volume of the stool, facilitating the elimination of stools and helping to combat constipation. See other fiber-rich foods that also help fight constipation.

To obtain the benefits of fiber, it is important to prioritize the ingestion of fruits with skin, when possible, such as pears, apples, guava and peach, because the skins contain high amounts of fiber.


List of fruits rich in fiber

Fibers in fruits are normally present in the pulp and skin of the fruit, mainly. Therefore, it is recommended to eat the whole fruit and avoid consuming it in the form of juice, as it loses most of its fiber, in addition to increasing the sugar content, which is not ideal in diets to lose weight or for people with diabetes.

It is also important to know that the amount of a fruit varies according to its state of ripeness. That is, as the fruit becomes more ripe, the greater the amount of sugars and the lower the amount of fiber.

The following table indicates the amount of fiber and calories present in 100 grams of each fruit:


Amount of fibers (in 100g)


Raw coconut 5, 4 g 406 calories
Red guava with peel 6, 2 g 54 calories
Jambo 5, 1 g 27 calories
Tamarind 6, 4 g 276 calories
Passion Fruit 3, 3 g 52 calories
Apple banana 2, 6 g 87 calories
Amora 4, 6 g 43 calories
Avocado 3, 0 g 114 calories
Manga 2, 1 g 51 calories
Açaí pulp, without sugar 2, 6 g 58 calories
Beautiful papaya 1, 8 g 45 calories
Peach 1, 4 g 36 calories
Pear 3 g 61 calories
Apple with peel 2 g 63 calories
Tahiti lemon 1, 2 g 32 calories
Strawberry 1, 7 g 30 calories
Fresh plum 2, 4 g 53 calories
Graviola 1, 9 g 62 calories
Orange lime 1, 8 g 46 calories
Cajá 2, 6 g 46 calories
Chocolate persimmon 6, 5 g 71 calories
Pineapple 1 g 48 calories
Pitanga 3, 2g 41 calories
Loquat 3 g 43 calories
Umbu 2g 37 calories

In addition to containing fiber, fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, improving metabolism and detoxifying the body.

It is important to mention that to obtain the benefits of fruits, it is important that they are part of a balanced and he althy diet, in addition to being important to practice physical activity regularly.

See, with nutritionist Tatiana Zanin, other fruits rich in fiber that help you lose weight:

Recommended amount of fiber

Recommendations for daily fiber consumption vary by age and gender, as shown below:

  • Children from 1 to 3 years: 19 g
  • Children from 4 to 8 years: 25 g
  • 9-13 year olds: 31 g
  • 14 to 18 year olds: 38 g
  • Girls aged 9 to 18: 26 g
  • Men aged 19 to 50: 38 g
  • Women from 19 to 50 years old: 25 g
  • Men over 51: 30 g
  • Women over 51: 21 g

In addition, pregnant women need to consume 28 g of fiber per day. Breastfeeding women need to consume 29 g of fiber per day.

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