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Hypertrophy training: how to do it and weekly plan

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Hypertrophy training: how to do it and weekly plan
Hypertrophy training: how to do it and weekly plan

Muscular hypertrophy training should preferably be performed in a gym, because heavy equipment and equipment are needed to stimulate muscle building.

To ensure that training is well done, it is very important to have guidance from a physical education teacher, who will outline a training plan suited to body characteristics and individual needs.

In addition, the teacher will also observe that the exercises are being performed correctly, with resistance in the lifting and in the correct position when lowering, to avoid injuries and to get the most out of each repetition.

Weekly training plan for hypertrophy

The following is an example of a weekly hypertrophy workout that can be performed by both men and women.

This workout works the main muscle groups and is divided into 5 days. Click on muscle groups to see specific exercises:

  1. Monday: chest and triceps;
  2. Tuesday: back and biceps;
  3. Wednesday: 1 hour cardio;
  4. Thursday: legs and glutes;
  5. Friday: theshoulder and abs.

On Saturday and Sunday it is recommended to rest because the muscles also need rest and time to increase in volume. If you prefer, you can also put a rest day in the middle of the plan, on Wednesday, for example, and remove that day from the weekend.

The gym teacher may indicate other exercises, the weight to use and the number of repetitions to do to ensure the increase in muscle mass, improving the body contour according to the individual's needs.

Typically, in female hypertrophy training, heavier weights are used on the legs and glutes, while men use more weight on the back and chest.

How to build muscle faster

Some tips for a good hypertrophy training are:

  • Have a glass of natural fruit juice before training to check the amount of carbohydrates and energy needed to perform the exercises;
  • Consume some protein source food after training, such as meat, eggs and dairy products. By consuming protein after training, the body gets the tool it needs to increase muscle mass;
  • Rest after training because sleeping well gives the body the time it needs to build more muscle. Too much effort can decrease the body's ability to produce muscle and compromise the bottom line.

When you reach the measurements you want, it is not recommended to stop training. In this case, you should continue training, but you should not increase the weight of the equipment. Thus, the body remains in the same measurements, without volume increase or loss.

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