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As é does sibutramine make you lose weight?

As é does sibutramine make you lose weight?
As é does sibutramine make you lose weight?

Sibutramine is a drug indicated to assist in weight loss in obese people with a body mass index above 30 kg/m2, because it increases satiety, causing the person to consume less food, and increases metabolism, thus facilitating weight loss.

However, this medicine has he alth risks and, in addition, when stopping treatment with sibutramine, some people can return to the weight they had initially before starting to take the medicine, and in some cases, exceed this weight. Therefore, it is very important to follow the doctor during the treatment.

Does sibutramine really lose weight? How does it work?

Sibutramine acts by inhibiting the reuptake of the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, in the brain, causing these substances to remain in greater quantity and for longer stimulating neurons, causing a feeling of satiety and increasing metabolism.

Increased satiety leads to lower food intake and increased metabolism leads to greater energy expenditure by the body, which contributes to weight loss. It is estimated that the weight loss after about 6 months of treatment, associated with the adoption of a he althier lifestyle, such as a balanced diet and regular practice of physical exercise, is about 11 kg.

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Can I gain weight again?

Several studies show that, when interrupting sibutramine, some people return to their previous weight very easily and sometimes gain more weight, reaching the point of exceeding their previous weight, which is why medical follow-up is very important.

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Is sibutramine bad for you?

The increase in the concentration of neurotransmitters helps to lose weight, but at the same time, it also exerts a vasoconstrictor effect and leads to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Therefore, before deciding to take the drug, the person must be informed about all the risks that sibutramine has for he alth and also about its long-term effectiveness, and must be monitored by the doctor throughout the treatment. Learn more about the he alth hazards of sibutramine.

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