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Running Really slimming?

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Running Really slimming?
Running Really slimming?

Running is a great exercise to aid in the weight loss process, because in 1 hour of running, approximately 700 calories can be burned. In addition, running reduces appetite and promotes fat burning, however, in order to lose weight, it is necessary to run at least 3 times a week.

In addition to losing weight, running has several other benefits, such as improving self-esteem, preventing cardiovascular diseases, improving sleep quality and strengthening muscles and bones, for example. So, to make it easier to practice running and get benefits, it is recommended to plan your workouts with a coach, choose the best route, which can be outdoors, and assess your heart rate. Check out other tips to get started running.

Understand why running makes you lose weight

Running is a great exercise for those who want to lose weight because it is able to reduce appetite, because during the race there is production of Dopamine, which is a hormone responsible for the feeling of well-being and the reduction of hunger, in addition to improving mood and reducing anxiety.

In addition to reducing appetite, running is capable of promoting fat burning, since in the first moments of running, the muscles begin to adapt to the increase in energy expenditure, promoting the consumption of excess fat. Check out a running training option.

Although running is excellent for burning fat, there are other exercises that also have a high caloric expenditure. Enter your data below and know how many calories you burn when exercising:

Which style of running makes you slimmer

To run to lose weight you should definitely run more and more intensely, which happens as running becomes a habit and you gain physical conditioning.A good tip to evaluate your physical conditioning is to run the same route every week to check how long you can finish it because that way you can measure your weekly evolution.

In addition, you can vary the type of run to increase intensity, metabolism and improve fitness. Thus, short and fast runs promote an increase in metabolism and, consequently, the consumption of fat, which makes weight loss happen faster. On the other hand, the practice of constant running but with speed that varies from slow to moderate long distance promotes an improvement in physical conditioning and the weight loss process happens more gradually.

Breathing from the first few minutes is very important to help the body maintain activity, so the first few minutes seem more difficult. As you run, the body starts to increase the production of dopamine, generating a feeling of well being.

See a good example of running training to burn fat.

What to eat before the race to lose weight

To start running and losing weight it is important to have a small amount of energy in the blood, so that the cells can promote the breakdown of localized fat. Therefore, at least 15 minutes before the race, you can drink 1 glass of pure, unsweetened orange juice.

During the race, drink water or isotonic drinks to replace the mineral s alts lost through sweat and after running eat some protein source food, such as 1 liquid yogurt, for example.

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