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Crossfit: what é, benefícios and how to practice

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Crossfit: what é, benefícios and how to practice
Crossfit: what é, benefícios and how to practice

Crossfit is a sport that aims to improve cardiorespiratory capacity, physical conditioning and muscular endurance through a combination of functional exercises, which are those whose movements are performed on a daily basis, and aerobic exercises, which are performed at high intensity, bringing several he alth benefits.

As the movements are varied and performed at high intensity, the practice of crossfit promotes improvement in physical conditioning, muscle mass gain and ensures more strength, endurance and muscle definition, as well as promoting the he alth of the body and the mind, since there is constant production and release of hormones related to the feeling of well-being.

It is important that crossfit is carried out under the guidance of a duly qualified professional, as it is possible that the practitioner's limitations are perceived in order to avoid wrong movements that could result in injuries. In addition, as this is a high-intensity test, it is important that a medical evaluation is carried out before starting the practice so that the general state of he alth of the person can be evaluated and, thus, it can be verified whether the person is fit or not. not to practice crossfit.

Benefits of Crossfit

The benefits of crossfit are due to exercises performed at high intensity under the guidance of a qualified crossfit instructor, the main ones being:

  • Improvement of physical conditioning;
  • Increased cardiorespiratory capacity;
  • Decreased stress and/or anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being and increased self-esteem;
  • Strengthening and muscular endurance;
  • Toning the muscles,
  • Lean mass gain and fat loss;
  • Prevents injuries due to increased muscle mass;
  • Stimulates team spirit, as training sessions are carried out in groups, allowing stimulation and encouragement among people who perform the same training.

Although it has several he alth benefits, it is important that the training is carried out following the instructions of the crossfit instructor. This is because when the movements are performed without the instructor's guidance, in the wrong way or with an inappropriate load for the person, there may be muscle injuries, since the muscle is not stimulated correctly in order to prevent injuries, in addition to joint involvement.

In addition, some studies show that inadequate practice of crossfit can lead to rhabdomyolysis, which is characterized by the destruction of muscle fibers, with muscle pain, lack of strength and difficulty moving the legs or arms, for example.Understand what rhabdomyolysis is and how to identify it.

How to do Crossfit training

Crossfit can be practiced by all people, regardless of age and physical condition, however it is important that before starting the practice, medical exams are carried out to verify if the person has any contraindications.

Crossfit exercises are performed progressively, that is, sedentary people and physically active people who have never practiced CrossFit begin the exercises with little or no load in order to promote the body's adaptation to the movement and avoid muscle injuries. As the workouts are performed and the movements are perfected, more load is added in order to make the workout more intense and guarantee more benefits.

Crossfit workouts last an average of 1 hour and are usually divided into three parts:

  • Warming up, which corresponds to the initial part of the training and which aims to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the training that will be performed, preventing the occurrence of injuries.
  • Dynamic stretching or technique, in which the movement of some exercises is perfected, and this is the moment when loads must be experimented so as not to compromise the technique;
  • Workout of the day, popularly known as WOD, in which the previously worked exercises are performed, but at a higher intensity and in a pre-established time. This is the moment when the intensity of the training is higher and which allows more benefits, as the objective is to carry out the training determined by the instructor, which consists of several series of exercises performed at the time of the technique, in the shortest possible time and with little or no no break between exercises.

It is important that crossfit training is performed under the guidance of a certified instructor so that the movements are performed correctly and at the appropriate intensity for each person, avoiding muscle and/or joint injuries. In addition, to have the maximum benefits, it is important that the diet is adequate to the type of physical activity performed and caloric expenditure, and it is recommended that the food plan is made by a nutritionist according to the nutritional needs of the person. See how food for crossfit practitioners should be.

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