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9 exercíCrossFit exercises to lose belly

9 exercíCrossFit exercises to lose belly
9 exercíCrossFit exercises to lose belly

Crossfit is a training modality where the goal is high intensity, which can be in the form of a circuit, which must be performed 3 to 5 times a week and which requires some physical conditioning because there is very little time to rest between each exercise.

These exercises can be performed at home or in the gym, with the guidance of a trainer, to ensure that the workout is performed correctly without the risk of injury. However, before starting any exercise program, a physician should be consulted to verify heart he alth and that there are no age-imposed limitations or orthopedic conditions that can affect the spine or joints. Learn more about crossfit.

For the person to have the desired results, it is important that in addition to the exercises, a balanced, he althy and adequate diet is followed. See how people who practice crossfit should eat.

Some examples of Crossfit exercises to lose weight and lose belly are:

1. Jump Rope

The rope is an element present in practically all crossfit boxes and gyms, as it allows the person to increase their metabolism in a short time, which favors the burning of calories and the toning of thighs, calves and abdomen, being, therefore, an exercise that helps to lose the belly.

Depending on the person's physical conditioning and coordination, it is possible to establish longer activity times and exercise variations. To have more benefits and maximize the results, it is interesting to jump rope and, after the pre-established time has elapsed, start another exercise.That way you can keep your metabolism active and lose more calories.

2. Flex-arm

Although push-up is an exercise widely used to strengthen the pectoral muscles and arms, for the movement to be done correctly it is also necessary to activate the abdominal muscle, and there is also its strengthening. Due to muscle strengthening, there is a higher rate of fat burning, including abdominal fat.

To do the push-up, you must lie on your stomach, support your body weight on your toes and hands, bringing your body closer to the floor, bending only your elbow. It is recommended to perform the highest number of repetitions for 20 seconds and then immediately start the following exercise. For those who cannot do the push-up with the weight of the body supported on the feet, it can be done with the knees on the floor, however it is important to try, little by little, to perform the push-ups without the knees on the floor.

3. Squat

Like the push-up, the squat is an exercise that needs the abdominal muscle to be activated so that the movement is done correctly and exercise results can be observed, such as increased resistance and strength of the leg and shoulder muscles. abdomen.

There are several ways to do the squat, which may vary with the type of training that the person is performing, physical conditioning and the presence of some joint limitation, for example. Most of the time, the squat is done with your own body weight, in which many repetitions are normally performed in a short period of time, or with the barbell on your back, in which a time can be determined to perform as many squats as possible. or the amount of squats to be conditioned to the load used.

Learn about other types of squats that can be done to lose belly fat.

4. Burpees

Burpees are intense exercises that work almost all muscle groups, as they correspond to a combination of squats, push-ups and jumps, helping to improve cardiorespiratory capacity and physical conditioning, in addition to favoring fat burning, including the abdominal.

Burpees are simple exercises to be performed, where the person should start standing, then lower until reaching the squatting position and then push the feet back to stay on the board. After the plank, pull your feet close to your body, and get up with a little jump. The exercise should be repeated several times and preferably at the same pace.

5. Abdominal

Abdominal exercises are important to strengthen the abdomen and ensure greater stability for the body. In addition, as the abdominal muscle is being worked and developed, there is a stimulus for the burning of accumulated fat in the region, causing the person to lose the belly.

An abdominal option that is often used in crossfit is the canoe abdominal, in which the person lies down and lifts only the trunk and legs, as if to form the letter V, puts the arms forward and remains in that position for the predetermined time.

6. Toes to bar

Toes to bar is an exercise that also helps in strengthening the abdomen and, consequently, in the loss of belly fat. To do this exercise, just hang on a crossfit bar and move your body in order to make your feet reach the bar. For beginners, instead of feet on the bar, the first few times the exercise is performed, you can bring your knees closer to your chest.

7. Plank

The plank is an exercise that also promotes the strengthening of the abdomen, as it forces the person to contract the abdomen and remain in that position for a certain period, usually between 30 seconds and 1 minute, helping to lose the belly.

8. Kettlebell swing

The kettlebell swing is an exercise that needs physical preparation and body awareness to be performed, as it is necessary for the person to have a straight spine and have cadenced breathing. To do this, just hold the kettlebell with both hands and bend your knees as if you were going to squat. Then, push with the body so that the kettlebell is at shoulder height and the knees are extended, and then lower the kettlebell along the same path. The movement must be repeated as many times as indicated by the training plan.

This exercise, in addition to working the muscles of the lower limbs, due to the squat, also works the muscles of the upper limbs and the abdominal muscle, helping to lose the belly.

9. Climber

This exercise also stimulates the improvement of physical conditioning and to be performed, the person needs to keep the abdominal muscles contracted.To do the climber, also called superman, just place your arms and the balls of your feet on the floor and alternately reach one of your knees close to your chest for 20 seconds.

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