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How to prepare chá of artichoke

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How to prepare chá of artichoke
How to prepare chá of artichoke

Artichoke tea is an excellent home remedy for those who want to lose weight quickly and reach the ideal weight in a short time, as it is a powerful diuretic, detoxifying and purifying agent that cleanses the body, eliminating toxins, fats and liquids in excess.

Due to these properties, this tea, in addition to being used in weight loss diets, can also be used in cases of liver problems, because it helps to detoxify the organ, reducing symptoms. In addition, it is great to complete the treatment of high cholesterol and to regulate blood pressure, and can be used daily. See what artichokes are for.

To improve the effect of tea and ensure all its benefits, it is important to exercise at least 3 times a week and follow a he althy and balanced diet, eliminating fried foods, soft drinks and sugar, preferring a more with consumption of salads, lean grilled meats and steamed vegetables.

Artichoke tea

Artichoke is a great food option for those who want to lose weight, as it has diuretic properties, stimulating the elimination of excess liquid present in the body, and laxative properties, preventing intestinal constipation. See how to use artichoke to lose weight.


  • 1 liter of water;
  • 1 teaspoon (5 to 6g) of dried artichoke leaves.

Preparation method:

Boil water in a pan, then turn off the heat. Add the artichoke leaves to the water and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the tea, let it cool and drink up to 3 cups a day.

See some tips from our nutritionist to have a he althier diet without making too much effort.

Artichoke Juice

To make artichoke juice, simply blend equal amounts of artichoke flowers and leaves in a blender with a little water and drink at least one cup before meals. This juice is a good option to detoxify the liver.

Artichoke Salad

A raw artichoke salad is a good option to get the benefits of artichoke as well as other vegetables that can be included in the salad.


  • Lettuce;
  • Cherry tomato;
  • Artichoke;
  • Carrot.

Preparation method:

To prepare the salad, you need to wash the ingredients correctly (learn how), cut them the way you like them and place them in a suitable container or plate. To season the salad, you can use olive oil, lemon, s alt, pepper and oregano to taste.

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