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Best straps to use in Pregnancy

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Best straps to use in Pregnancy
Best straps to use in Pregnancy

The best belts to use in pregnancy are those made with soft, stretchy cotton fabric because they are more comfortable and efficient in their purpose. This type of belt adjusts to the woman's body, without compressing the belly, being even more practical and comfortable to use than the adjustable ones that contain clasps or velcro.

The straps with elastic fabric expand as the belly grows and therefore do not squeeze the baby, nor harm blood circulation, and can even be used for sleeping.

Main benefits of the brace in pregnancy

Using a belt during pregnancy is indicated because it helps to hold the belly, without overloading the spine, thus avoiding back pain, especially at the end of pregnancy.Another advantage is to decrease swelling and heaviness in the legs because it improves venous return from the legs to the heart.

The same benefits can be achieved by using just one elastic band for pregnant women, but as the belly grows, the expectant mother may feel the need to buy another belt to better accommodate the entire belly.

The straps can vary in size, being slightly larger than panties or reaching the stomach region. They can be worn daily throughout the entire pregnancy, but it is not always possible to use them in a second pregnancy because the material of the belt can be very stretched, becoming too loose at the beginning of another pregnancy.

When you start using the strap

The pregnant woman can start using her belt as soon as she feels the need. When the woman is within her ideal weight and is gaining the proper weight during pregnancy, it may be necessary to start using after 20 weeks of pregnancy, due to the growth of her belly.But women who are rapidly gaining weight can start using it sooner.

Best models of maternity belt

Besides personal taste, it should be taken into account that a woman may need 2 different belts for each pregnancy. Initially, you can only wear the elastic band over the cotton panties, and as the belly grows, you can use a belt about 20 cm high.

The models with zips between the legs make going to the bathroom, which is very common during pregnancy, easier. Belts that contain legs, such as shorts, can be more comfortable and won't mark thin fabric clothes, but they are also warmer in summer. Bra straps with an integrated bra can be useful for putting everything on at once, but it means having to take off all your clothes when you go to the bathroom.

When buying a brace, you should take into account your belly size, comfort when wearing the brace and your daily need for spine protection, as some are more efficient than others.The most sensible thing is to go in person to a store, such as those specialized in products for pregnant women and babies, and wear different models, avoiding buying online.

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