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What é good for heartburn in pregnancy: 6 remésafe home remedies

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What é good for heartburn in pregnancy: 6 remésafe home remedies
What é good for heartburn in pregnancy: 6 remésafe home remedies

Home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy aim to relieve discomfort, promoting a woman's feeling of well being. Thus, the doctor or nutritionist may recommend eating apples, pears, drinking melon juice or some types of teas when symptoms appear, to reduce stomach acidity and relieve heartburn.

These home remedies should not replace the treatment indicated by the doctor, because they do not definitively fight heartburn, they only promote the improvement of symptoms. It is only after the baby is born that heartburn ends completely, as its occurrence is often related to the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy.

In addition, before consuming teas, it is important to consult a doctor or professional specialized in the use of herbal medicines, as some plants are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Some home remedies that can help relieve the discomfort caused by heartburn during pregnancy are:

1. Eat apple or pear

Both apples and pears are fruits that help regulate stomach acidity, which promotes the improvement of discomfort and discomfort caused by heartburn. Thus, it is recommended to eat these fruits in their skin as soon as the first signs and symptoms of heartburn appear.

2. Drink or eat something cold

By consuming ice cream, fruit popsicles, coconut water, water, juices or frozen fruits, for example, it is possible to have relief from the discomfort and burning sensation typical of heartburn and, therefore, this strategy can be adopted to relieve symptoms of heartburn in pregnancy.

3. Use herbs

Herbs such as basil, coriander and bay leaf have antispasmodic properties helping and improving digestion and fighting heartburn. These herbs can be used in preparations such as stews, roasts, salads or soups.

4. Drinking melon juice

Melon is an alkaline fruit and is rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps reduce stomach acidity, relieving symptoms of heartburn and burning. You can drink melon juice twice a day or when heartburn or burning occurs.

5. Eating bananas with honey

Honey is rich in enzymes that help with digestion, relieving heartburn. Bananas, on the other hand, have good amounts of flavonoids that protect the stomach wall and esophagus, reducing symptoms of heartburn and heartburn. Therefore, eating 1 banana with 1 tablespoon of honey a day can help to improve heartburn.

6. Drinking potato juice

Potato contains some bioactive compounds such as alkaloid glycosides a-chaconine and a-solanine. These compounds have alkaline properties, neutralizing stomach acids and improving heartburn symptoms. See how to make potato juice.

Why it happens

Heartburn can happen due to the hormonal changes that occur naturally in pregnancy. It can also be caused by the development of the baby, which can cause the stomach to compress, causing stomach contents to flow back down the esophagus, causing the symptoms of heartburn.

Also, heartburn in pregnancy can happen due to diet. Thus, it is recommended to avoid the consumption of fatty foods, reduce the consumption of coffee and foods with caffeine, and avoid consuming liquids during meals. In some cases, the doctor may recommend the use of medication to ease digestion and fight gas and heartburn. Learn more about the causes of heartburn in pregnancy and what to do.

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