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É possibleíable to get pregnant while breastfeeding? (and other dúordinary lives)

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É possibleíable to get pregnant while breastfeeding? (and other dúordinary lives)
É possibleíable to get pregnant while breastfeeding? (and other dúordinary lives)

It is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding, so it is recommended to resume using the contraceptive pill 15 days after giving birth. Not using any contraceptive method while breastfeeding is not very safe, as there are data that about 2 to 15% of women become pregnant this way.

Supposedly, during exclusive breastfeeding, which takes place on demand, that is, whenever the baby wants, ovulation is "impeded" by the stimulation of milk suction. But for the method to really work, the baby's suction stimulus needs to be done with intensity and very often. This means that breastfeeding should be done, day and night, that is, without controlling the schedule, which is not always possible and the effectiveness of breastfeeding as a contraceptive method is compromised, being discouraged.

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1. Is breastfeeding during pregnancy bad?

No. It is possible to continue breastfeeding an older child while pregnant again, without any contraindications. However, it is not recommended that a woman breastfeed another child that is not her own child.

2. Does getting pregnant while breastfeeding decrease milk?

No. There is no evidence that if a woman becomes pregnant while breastfeeding an older child her milk will decrease, however if she becomes more tired or emotionally drained this will it can lead to a decrease in breast milk, especially if she doesn't drink enough fluids or get enough rest.

3. Does getting pregnant while breastfeeding increase milk?

No. The simple fact that a woman is pregnant again will not increase milk production, but if a woman drinks more water and gets enough rest, production can increase.Thus, if the woman feels more sleepy, which is common in early pregnancy, and is able to rest, she may notice an increase in breast milk, but not necessarily because she is pregnant again.

4. Is it possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding and taking birth control?

Yes. As long as the woman has not taken the contraceptive correctly, there is a risk of becoming pregnant while breastfeeding. Just forgetting to take the pill at the right time to reduce its effectiveness, and as the pills suitable for breastfeeding mothers (Cerazette, Nactali) have a shorter tolerance time of only 3 hours, it is common for forgetting to take the pill in the right time can lead to a new pregnancy. Other situations that decrease the effectiveness of the pill here.

5. Does breastfeeding harm the developing baby?

No. During breastfeeding, oxytocin is released into the woman's bloodstream, the same hormone that causes uterine contractions that give birth.However, when the woman breastfeeds, the oxytocin released in the blood cannot act on the uterus, and therefore it does not contract, not being harmful to the new baby that is forming.

6. Is it possible to breastfeed 2 babies of different ages?

Yes. There is no absolute contraindication for a mother not to breastfeed her 2 children at the same time, but this can be very tiring for the mother. Thus, it is recommended to wean the older baby if he is already 2 years old. Check out some tips that can help end breastfeeding.

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