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Does taking birth control pills cause miscarriage?

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Does taking birth control pills cause miscarriage?
Does taking birth control pills cause miscarriage?

Using the contraceptive pill at the beginning of pregnancy usually does not harm the baby's development, so if the woman took the pill in the first weeks of pregnancy, when she didn't know she was pregnant, there's no need to be worried, although you should notify the doctor. However, despite this, as soon as a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she must stop taking the contraceptive pill.

Taking contraceptives during pregnancy also does not cause miscarriage, but if a woman takes a pill that contains only progestins, commonly called a mini pill, there is a risk of an ectopic pregnancy, a type of pregnancy that develops in the Fallopian tubes. This is a serious situation that requires immediate treatment, as it is incompatible with the baby's life and puts the mother's life at risk.Learn how to recognize and what are the causes of ectopic pregnancy.

What can happen to the baby

Taking the contraceptive only in the first weeks of pregnancy, in the period in which the pregnancy is still unknown, does not pose any risks to the baby. Although there are suspicions that the baby may be born with low weight or is more likely to be born before 38 weeks of gestation.

Already, prolonged use of contraceptives during pregnancy can be harmful because the hormones present in this medication, which are estrogen and progesterone, can affect the formation of the baby's sexual organs and cause urinary tract defects, but these changes rarely happen, and the woman can be calmer.

What to do if you suspect she is pregnant

If there is any suspicion that the person may be pregnant, they should immediately stop taking the pill and take a pregnancy test that can be purchased at the pharmacy.If the pregnancy is confirmed, the woman should start prenatal consultations, and if she is not pregnant, she can use another method of protecting against unwanted pregnancy, such as a condom, and after her menstruation begins, she can start a new pill pack.

Learn to recognize the first 10 symptoms of pregnancy and take our online test to find out if she is pregnant.

If you have not stopped taking the pack before checking that she is not pregnant, she can continue taking the pills as normal.

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