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7 best exercises to do in pregnancy

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7 best exercises to do in pregnancy
7 best exercises to do in pregnancy

The best exercises to practice during pregnancy are walking or stretching, for example, as they help to reduce stress, combat anxiety and increase self-esteem. However, the practice of exercises during pregnancy should only be done under medical advice, because in some cases they are not recommended, as in the case of placental abruption and in high-risk pregnancy.

Exercises can be started at any stage of pregnancy and can be performed until the end of pregnancy, being useful to facilitate normal labor and return to ideal weight after delivery.

Women who had a more sedentary lifestyle should prefer lighter exercise, preferably in water. On the other hand, those who were used to exercising should slow down so as not to harm the baby.

Great examples of exercises to practice during pregnancy are:

1. Walk

Ideal for women who were sedentary before becoming pregnant. You should wear light, elastic clothes and shoes with good cushioning to prevent injuries and drink plenty of water so you don't get dehydrated. You can walk 3 to 5 times a week at times when the sun is not too strong. See an excellent walking workout for pregnant women.

2. Light running

Indicated for those who already practiced exercises before becoming pregnant. It can be performed during the 9 months of pregnancy, 3 times a week, for 30 minutes, but always with low intensity, always respecting your own rhythm.

3. Pilates

Improves breathing, heart rate, stretches and strengthens muscles and is great for posture. It can be practiced 2 or 3 times a week. See: 6 Pilates exercises for pregnant women.

4. Water aerobics

It is indicated even for women who were sedentary before becoming pregnant and can be performed during the 9 months of pregnancy. It reduces foot and lower back pain, as well as leg swelling. It can be performed 2 to 4 times a week.

5. Exercise bike

Can be performed during the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy, 3-5 days a week. One should pay attention to the heart rate, not allowing it to exceed 140 bpm and observe if the sweating is excessive. The size of the belly at the end of pregnancy can make it difficult to perform this activity.

6. Stretching

These can be performed daily until birth, for both sedentary and experienced people. You can start with lighter stretches, and as the woman develops elasticity, the stretches become more difficult. See: Stretching exercises in pregnancy.

To ensure safe physical activity, it is important to have the guidance and follow-up of a qualified Physical Education professional and the authorization of the doctor who is performing prenatal care. If the pregnant woman experiences any unpleasant symptoms such as abdominal pain, discharge or blood loss from the vagina, while performing the exercise or a few hours after the class, she should seek medical help.

7. Light bodybuilding

Pregnant women who were already doing weight training before becoming pregnant and who were in good physical condition can do weight training exercises, however, the intensity of the exercises should be reduced, reducing the weights by at least half, to avoid overloading the spine, knees, ankles and pelvic floor.

Exercises not recommended in pregnancy

High impact exercises should not be performed during pregnancy because they can cause pain or even harm the baby. Some examples of exercises contraindicated in pregnancy are:

  • Abdominal exercises;
  • At high altitudes;
  • Involving fights such as jiu-jitsu or jumping, such as jumping classes;
  • Ball games like football, volleyball or basketball;
  • Strenuous race;
  • Bicycle, in the last months of pregnancy;
  • Heavy bodybuilding.

Exercise practice is also not recommended when the woman has to rest, under medical advice and when she has a placental abruption. If in doubt, contact your obstetrician. See when to stop physical activity in pregnancy.

How to maintain proper weight in pregnancy

Exercise helps maintain proper weight during pregnancy. Enter your information here to find out if you are gaining weight correctly or if you need to exercise more:

Warning: This calculator is not suitable for multiple pregnancies.

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