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5 steps to eliminate lice and lênits (with home remedies)

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5 steps to eliminate lice and lênits (with home remedies)
5 steps to eliminate lice and lênits (with home remedies)

To get rid of lice and nits there are some homemade and natural measures that can be tried before using pharmacy remedies.

This type of treatment includes the use of vinegar and essential oils, and can be done on adults or children. However, if the lice infestation does not improve within 1 week, it is advisable to go to the doctor, as the use of pharmacy shampoos may be necessary.

The 5 essential steps to get rid of lice and nits naturally are explained below:

1. Wash your head with vinegar

The first step is to wash your hair with a mixture of vinegar and warm water, which should be applied directly to the scalp. Vinegar has properties that help kill and eliminate lice and nits.


  • 1 glass of cider or apple cider vinegar;
  • 1 glass of warm water.

Preparation mode

Mix a glass of vinegar with a glass of warm water. Then, spread this mixture all over the scalp and cover the hair with a cap, leaving it on for approximately 30 minutes. Finally, you can wash your hair normally with regular shampoo.

2. Essential oil blend

The second step is to apply a mixture of essential oils directly to the scalp and leave it on for about 20 minutes, wearing a cap.


  • 50 ml of coconut oil;
  • 2 to 3 drops of tea tree essential oil;
  • 2 to 3 drops of fennel essential oil;
  • 50 mL apple cider vinegar.

Preparation mode

Just mix all the ingredients and apply directly on the scalp and leave it on for 20 minutes, then you can wash your hair with the shampoo you are used to.

3. Ordinary or electronic fine comb

The third step is to pass a regular fine-tooth comb through all the hair, separating strand by strand, in order to make sure that all hair is combed this way. Instead of the common fine comb, an electronic comb can be used on dry hair, which is more effective in eliminating and identifying lice. See more on how to identify nits and lice.

This comb emits a continuous sound while it is on and a louder, louder sound when it encounters a louse. It emits a frequency of ultrasound that is not perceived by the person, but that is enough to kill the lice.

4. Washing clothes at high temperature

Lice can be transmitted through brushes, combs, hats, pillows or sheets and, therefore, it is very important to wash these objects frequently, to avoid a new infestation or even transmission of the parasite to another person.

Thus, all objects that have been in contact with the hair, such as sheets, blankets, clothes, plush toys, hair clips and bows, hats, caps, rugs, pillows and the sofa cover, must be washed in water with a temperature above 60ยบ, to eliminate lice.

5. Repeat steps 9 days later

The louse has a life cycle of 9 days and, therefore, the lice that were nits and that were not eliminated with the first pass, can end up developing in up to 9 days. Thus, repeating all steps after 9 days ensures that all lice are eliminated.

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