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Soda is bad for you? 6 consequencesês for he althúde

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Soda is bad for you? 6 consequencesês for he althúde
Soda is bad for you? 6 consequencesês for he althúde

Soft drinks are generally drinks with large amounts of sugar and other artificial additives such as phosphoric acid, corn syrup and potassium. that can compromise he alth. In addition, even when soft drinks without added sugars always contain additives and artificial sweeteners.

Normally, soft drinks do not have vitamins and therefore have no nutritional value and on the other hand they are bad for containing high amounts of s alt, which favor fluid retention, leading to weight gain, insulin resistance, belly swollen and swollen legs.

Some of the main he alth consequences of soft drink consumption are:

1. Weight gain

Just one can of soda contains about 10 tablespoons of sugar, which greatly increases blood sugar levels and decreases the action of insulin in the body. Thus, if ingested regularly, soda can promote weight gain and favor the development of diabetes in the long term.

Also, when blood sugar levels rise too fast, such as after drinking a can of soda, it is normal to feel hungrier, which encourages a person to eat and contributes to weight gain.

2. Weakening of bones and teeth

Most soft drinks contain a high amount of phosphoric acid which prevents the body from absorbing the calcium needed to strengthen bones. In this way, people who drink soda regularly can develop problems such as cavities or osteoporosis.

This phosphoric acid also makes it harder for the stomach to produce gastric acid, delaying the process of digestion and nutrient absorption.

3. Kidney stones

Due to the acidity of soft drinks, the body needs to use calcium, which would be used in bones, to facilitate digestion and balance pH.

This way, the kidneys need to eliminate the calcium used in this process, which increases the risk of formation of kidney stones, due to the accumulation of calcium inside.

4. Increased blood pressure

Soft drinks can lead to a gradual increase in blood pressure, especially due to their high amounts of sodium and caffeine. In addition, several studies indicate that excessive consumption of fructose, which is the sugar present in soft drinks, is also a major cause of high blood pressure.

5. Brain changes

This type of drink can lead to brain changes due to its caffeine content, as it stimulates various substances in the body that may be related to dementia and Alzheimer's, for example.In addition, caffeine can also cause insomnia, restlessness, tremors, and headache.

Soda also contains another substance called sodium benzoate, which may also be related to changes in memory, motor coordination and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

6. Cancer

Because it is high in sugar, frequent consumption of soda increases the risk of cancer, even in people who are overweight. In addition, its consumption favors weight gain and the development of diabetes, problems that are also related to an increased risk of cancer.

Why pregnant women and children should not take

Soda is bad for pregnancy because it causes abdominal discomfort, contributes to weight gain and can cause fluid retention. In addition, cola-based soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi have a lot of caffeine, which during pregnancy cannot exceed 200 mg per day.If the pregnant woman drinks 2 cups of coffee in a day, she cannot ingest more caffeine.

Sodas that contain caffeine should also not be drunk while breastfeeding because caffeine passes into breast milk and can cause sleeplessness in the baby.

In children, soft drinks can hinder physical and mental development, as well as facilitate the onset of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Soft drinks should be excluded from the baby's diet, and fruit juices can be chosen, in addition to water, for adequate fluid intake.

How to replace soft drinks

One way to replace soda is through the consumption of flavored water, also known as flavored water. That's because sparkling water is usually used and fruit is added, such as lemon, strawberry or orange, for example, which can remind you of the flavor of the soda. Check out some flavored water recipes.

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