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How to stop stuttering with exerciseícios

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How to stop stuttering with exerciseícios
How to stop stuttering with exerciseícios

Stuttering exercises can help improve speech or even stop stuttering. If the person stutters, he should do it and admit it to other people, which will make the stutterer more self-confident, expose himself more and the tendency is for the stuttering to disappear with time.

Stuttering is caused by a set of factors that form an iceberg and not being able to speak fluently is just the tip of the iceberg, so the treatment for stuttering is often done with psychoanalysis, where the stutterer learns more about himself and starts to feel better with his difficulty.

Some cases of stuttering can be cured in weeks, others can take months or years, it all depends on how long the individual has been stuttering and its severity.

Exercises for stuttering

Some exercises you can do to improve stuttering are:

  1. Relax the muscles that tend to tense when the person speaks;
  2. Decrease speech speed, because it intensifies stuttering;
  3. Train reading a text in front of a mirror and then start reading to other people;
  4. Accepting stuttering and learning to deal with it, because the more a person values ​​it and the more embarrassed it becomes, the more it will become evident.

If these exercises do not help to improve speech, the ideal is to have stuttering therapy with a speech therapist. Also learn how to improve diction with exercises.

What is stuttering

Stuttering, scientifically called dysphemia, is not just a difficulty in speaking, it is a condition that affects self-esteem and impairs a person's social integration.

It is very common for children from 2 to 5 years old to present transient episodes of stuttering, which can last a few months, this is because they think much faster than they can speak, as their phonetic system is not yet fully capable. This stutter tends to get worse when the child is nervous or very excited, and it can also occur when he speaks a sentence with many new words for him.

If it is observed that the child, in addition to stuttering, makes other gestures such as tapping his foot on the floor, blinking his eyes or any other tic, this may indicate the need for treatment, as it indicates that the child has already realized his difficulty speaking fluently and if not treated soon, you will tend to isolate yourself and avoid speaking.

What causes stuttering

Stuttering can have several physical and emotional factors that, when properly treated, can disappear completely and the individual no longer stutters. Children of parents who stutter are twice as likely to become stutterers too.

One of the causes of stuttering has a brain origin. The brains of some individuals who stutter have less gray matter and some white areas of the brain, have fewer connections in the speech region, and for these, a cure has not yet been found.

But for most stutterers, the cause of stuttering is insecurity in speaking and other factors, such as poor development of the speech muscles present in the mouth and throat. For these, exercises for stuttering and their own body development tend to reduce stuttering over time.

For others, the cause of stuttering may have been acquired after a change in the brain, such as a stroke, hemorrhage, or head trauma. If the change is irreversible, so will the stutter.

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