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What can be egg white transparent discharge

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What can be egg white transparent discharge
What can be egg white transparent discharge

Clear discharge that looks like egg whites, which is also known as fertile cervical mucus, is completely normal and common in all women who are still menstruating. In addition, it is usually in greater quantity on the day of ovulation.

Normally, along with this type of discharge, it is also common to notice a slight pain in the lower part of the belly, and that in most cases it is the mature egg being released from the ovaries and heading to the tubes.

Cervical mucus is an important indicator of how a woman's intimate and reproductive he alth is going and that's why it's important to be aware of any abnormal changes in its color, smell or viscosity.

Transparent discharge without smell

Transparent discharge, which can resemble egg whites, occurs a few days before menstruation, and is the main sign of the fertile period, but you can also notice the increase in libido and hunger together with this thick cervical mucus. Check out other signs that you are in the fertile period.

To confirm that the transparent discharge is indeed the cervical mucus of the fertile period, some important characteristics can be observed such as:

  • The secretion is semi-transparent with an elastic and slightly sticky consistency, very similar to egg whites;
  • It is noticed when drying off after urinating, because the intimate region is very slippery.

In the days following this observation, the cervical mucus from the fertile period may become more transparent and have a more viscous consistency, such as gelatine for example.

Egg white discharge also occurs in women who have had a tubal ligation, because this is an alteration caused by the ovaries, which remain intact after this procedure.

Transparent foul-smelling discharge

If you have a bad smell or other symptoms, such as burning when urinating and during sexual intercourse, it may be an indication of an infection caused by fungi or bacteria. Over time, the discharge may change color and become yellowish, bloody or greenish. If this occurs, it is a discharge that must be evaluated by the gynecologist, so that tests are carried out and treatment begins when necessary. Learn the causes of foul-smelling discharge and how to treat it.

Transparent discharge with blood

A copious transparent discharge with traces of blood usually gives rise to a pinkish discharge, which may indicate that fertilization has taken place, and that the sperm has managed to enter the egg, resulting in pregnancy.This can be the first sign of pregnancy, but it is not always noticed by all women. Learn about other early pregnancy symptoms.

What to do: The best way to confirm pregnancy is to wait for the right day, seven days after the first day of missed period, to take the pregnancy test, in order to avoid a false positive/negative result. This test can be done through a pharmacy test or blood test, which is more specific and more suitable for detecting pregnancy.

If you suspect you may be pregnant, take our questionnaire to find out what your true risk is:

  1. 1.Have you had sex without using a condom or other contraceptive method in the last month? Yes No
  2. 2.Have you noticed any pink vaginal discharge lately? Yes No
  3. 3.Feeling sick or feeling sick in the morning? Yes No
  4. 4.Are you more sensitive to smells (smell of cigarettes, perfume, food…)? Yes No
  5. 5.Does your belly feel more swollen, making it harder to keep your pants tight? Yes No
  6. 6.Do you feel that your breasts are more sensitive or swollen? Yes No
  7. 7.Do you think your skin looks oilier and prone to pimples? Yes No
  8. 8.Feeling more tired than usual, even doing tasks you used to do? Yes No
  9. 9.Is your period late for more than 5 days? Yes No
  10. 10.Did you take the morning after pill within 3 days of unprotected intercourse? Yes No
  11. 11.Have you had a positive pregnancy test in the last month? Yes No


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Transparent discharge in pregnancy

The increase in transparent discharge is very common during pregnancy and this is a normal situation, and it occurs because there is greater blood flow in the region and hormones in the bloodstream favor its appearance.

In this case, it is a transparent, odorless and less sticky discharge and does not indicate ovulation, being only an increase in natural vaginal secretion. Even so, it is important for the woman to be attentive if she has an unpleasant color or odor, and it is necessary to inform the obstetrician, so that it can be verified that it is not an infection.

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