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SíSavant syndrome: what é, featuresístics and treatment

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SíSavant syndrome: what é, featuresístics and treatment
SíSavant syndrome: what é, featuresístics and treatment

Savant syndrome is a rare psychic disorder in which the person has incredible talents and abilities, which are usually related to memory, calculation or the arts. However, he also has serious deficits in the field of communication, having great difficulty expressing himself and/or understanding what he is told.

This syndrome is also known as "sage syndrome" and the first signs can be identified in the first years of the child's life.

Savant syndrome has no cure, but treatment helps improve communication and understanding skills, promoting better interpersonal relationships and increasing quality of life.

Key features

The characteristics of Savant syndrome can be identified in everyday life, and it is possible to notice one or more above-average skills:

  • Memorization: is the most common ability in these cases, being common to memorize schedules, telephone directories and even complete dictionaries;
  • Calculation: are capable of performing complex mathematical calculations in a few seconds, without using paper or any electronic device;
  • Musical skill: are able to play an entire piece of music after listening to it only once;
  • Artistic Ability: have excellent ability to draw, paint or make complex sculptures;
  • Language: can understand and speak more than one language, in some cases they develop up to 15 different languages.

A person can develop only one of these skills or several, the most common of which are related to memorization, calculation and musical ability. Despite these skills, people with Savant syndrome cannot communicate very clearly and may have difficulty speaking and/or understanding what is being said.

Savant syndrome occurs most often in people who have autism spectrum disorder, however not all people with this disorder develop this syndrome. Also, in most cases of autism, the person cannot make eye contact and have a lower intelligence quotient (IQ), which is not seen in Savant syndrome, where the IQ is usually over 50. Know more about autism.

How the treatment is done

Currently there is no established treatment for Savant syndrome, however occupational therapy is usually proposed to stimulate each person's exceptional abilities as well as to improve their ability to communicate and understand.

Assistance from parents and/or those closest to you is essential for treatment, as it is the child's main support network, and specialized education may even be required.

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