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How to use the asthma inhaler correctly

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How to use the asthma inhaler correctly
How to use the asthma inhaler correctly

Asthma inhalers, such as Aerolin, Berotec and Seretide, are indicated for the treatment and control of asthma, and should be used according to the pulmonologist's guidelines.

There are two types of inhalers: those with a bronchodilator, to relieve symptoms, and inhalers with steroids, which are used to treat bronchial inflammation, characteristic of asthma. See common asthma symptoms.

To use the asthma inhaler correctly, you must sit or stand and position your head slightly tilted up so that the inhaled powder goes directly into the airways and does not accumulate in the roof of the mouth, throat or in the language.

See how to use the asthma inhaler according to age:

1. Adults and teenagers

The steps for adults to use the asthma inhaler correctly are:

  1. Bring all the air out of your lungs;
  2. Place the firecracker in your mouth, between your teeth and close your lips;
  3. Press the inhaler while breathing deeply through your mouth, filling your lungs with air;
  4. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and stop breathing for 10 seconds or more;
  5. Wash your mouth, without swallowing so that traces of the medicine do not accumulate in the mouth or stomach.

If you need to use the firecracker 2 times in a row, wait about 30 seconds and then repeat the steps starting with the first step.

The amount of powder inhaled is usually not noticeable because it has no taste or aroma. To verify that the dose was correctly used, the dose counter on the device itself must be observed.

Usually, the firecracker treatment is also accompanied by the use of other medicines, especially to reduce the chances of having a crisis. See which drugs are most used in treatment.

2. Children

Children over 2 years of age who use spray cans can use spacers, which are devices that can be purchased at pharmacies or online. These spacers are used to ensure that the exact dose of medication reaches the child's lungs.

To use the asthma inhaler with spacer it is recommended:

  1. Put the valve on the spacer;
  2. Shake the inhaler vigorously, with the mouthpiece down, 6 to 8 times;
  3. Attach the firecracker to the spacer;
  4. Ask the child to let the air out of the lungs;
  5. Place the spacer in the mouth, between the child's teeth and ask to close the lips;
  6. Firing the spray bottle and waiting for the child to breathe through the mouth (through the spacer) 6 to 8 times slowly and deeply. Covering the nose can help the child not breathe through the nose.
  7. Remove the spacer from the mouth;
  8. Wash your mouth and teeth and then spit out the water.

If you need to use the firecracker 2 times in a row, wait about 30 seconds and then repeat the steps starting with step 4.

To keep the spacer clean, wash the inside only with water and let it dry, without using towels or dish towels, so that no residue remains inside. It is also advised to avoid the use of plastic spacers because the plastic attracts the drug molecules to it, so the drug can stay attached to its walls and not reach the lungs.

Firecracker with spacer for babies and children

Breaker with spacer for babies and children

3. Babies

To use the inhaler for asthma in babies and small children, up to 2 years of age, you can use spacers that have the shape of a nebulizer, involving the nose and mouth.

To use the asthma inhaler in babies:

  1. Place the mask on the spacer mouthpiece;
  2. Shake the pump vigorously, with the mouthpiece down, for a few seconds;
  3. Place the asthma inhaler in the spacer;
  4. Sit down and place the baby on one of your legs;
  5. Place the mask on the baby's face, covering the nose and mouth;
  6. Fire the inhaler in spray 1 time and wait for the baby to inhale for about 5 to 10 times through the mask;
  7. Remove the mask from the baby's face;
  8. Wipe baby's mouth with a clean diaper wet only with water;
  9. Wash the mask and spacer only with water and neutral soap, letting them dry naturally, without using a towel or dish towel.

If you need to use the firecracker one more time, wait 30 seconds and start again with step 2.

Frequently asked questions about the firecracker

1. Is the asthma inhaler addictive?

The asthma inhaler is not addictive, so it is not addictive. It should be used daily, and at times it may be necessary to use it several times a day to achieve relief from asthma symptoms. This happens when the asthmatic enters a period in which the asthma is more 'attacked' and his symptoms become stronger and more frequent and the only way to maintain correct breathing is to use the inhaler.

However, if it is necessary to use the asthma inhaler more than 4 times a day, an appointment with a pulmonologist should be made to assess respiratory function.Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out tests, other medications to control asthma, or adjust the dose to reduce the use of the inhaler.

2. Is the asthma inhaler bad for the heart?

Some asthma inhalers can cause cardiac arrhythmia immediately after use. However, this is not a dangerous situation and does not reduce the asthmatic's years of life.

The correct use of the asthma inhaler is essential to facilitate the arrival of air to the lungs, and the lack of use and its inappropriate use can cause asphyxia, which is a serious situation, a medical emergency. See how to act in: First aid for asthma attacks.

3. Can pregnant women use the asthma inhaler?

Yes, the pregnant woman can use the same asthma inhaler she used before becoming pregnant, but in addition to being accompanied by an obstetrician, it is indicated that she is also accompanied by a pulmonologist during pregnancy.

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