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9 main symptoms of gestational diabetes

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9 main symptoms of gestational diabetes
9 main symptoms of gestational diabetes

In most cases, gestational diabetes does not cause any signs or symptoms, being diagnosed only when the pregnant woman undergoes routine tests, such as glucose measurement, for example.

However, some women may experience symptoms such as:

  1. Excessive weight gain in pregnant women or babies;
  2. Exaggerated increase in appetite;
  3. Excessive fatigue;
  4. Feeling frequent urination;
  5. Vision blurred;
  6. Very thirsty;
  7. Dry mouth;
  8. Nausea;
  9. Frequent infections of the bladder, vagina or skin.

Not all pregnant women develop gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs more easily in women who have a history of diabetes, are overweight, use hypoglycemic drugs or have hypertension, for example.

How to confirm the diagnosis

The diagnosis of gestational diabetes is made by means of blood tests to check the amount of glucose circulating in the blood, and the first evaluation should be done after fasting. Even if the woman does not present signs or symptoms indicative of gestational diabetes, the diagnostic exam should be performed.

In addition to the fasting blood glucose test, the doctor should indicate the glucose tolerance test, the OGTT, in which the body's response to large amounts of sugar is verified. See what are the reference values ​​of tests that diagnose gestational diabetes.

How to treat gestational diabetes

Usually the treatment of gestational diabetes is done with the control of food and the regular practice of physical exercises, but sometimes, the doctor may prescribe oral hypoglycemic agents or even insulin, if it is difficult to keep the blood glucose under control.It is important that the diagnosis and treatment for gestational diabetes be done quickly, as it is possible to reduce the occurrence of risks for the mother and the baby. Understand how treatment for gestational diabetes should be done.

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