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Why diabetes can cause dysfunction and how to treat

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Why diabetes can cause dysfunction and how to treat
Why diabetes can cause dysfunction and how to treat

Diabetes can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction, especially when its treatment is not done correctly and blood sugar levels get very out of control.

This happens because, excess sugar causes a series of changes in blood vessels and nerves in the penis region, which causes the two most important factors for erection to not be present: sensory stimulation and blood circulation. In this way, the man is unable to have an erection and develops erectile dysfunction.

Thus, to avoid getting erectile dysfunction, and many other serious complications, it is important that the man does the proper treatment of diabetes, so that the blood sugar levels are always regulated and there are no changes in the vessels or on the nerves.Check out how diabetes treatment is done.

How diabetes affects erection

Erectile dysfunction in diabetes happens due to some changes that the disease causes in the man's body and that make erection difficult, such as:

  • Decreased circulation,which decreases the arrival of blood needed for erection;
  • Obstruction of the penile artery, which decreases blood concentration at this site due to atherosclerosis;
  • Changes in sensitivity, which decreases sexual pleasure.

Thus, if a man has diabetes and does not undergo proper treatment, there is a great chance that he will develop erection problems, in addition to developing many other serious he alth complications, such as diabetic foot or neuropathy. Better understand the complications of diabetes.

How to treat erectile dysfunction from diabetes

Erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes cannot always be cured or fully reversed, because it depends on the severity to which the blood vessels have been affected. In the most severe cases, even with treatment, it may not be enough for a satisfactory erection, but it is only possible to find out if it can be reversed, after starting treatment and starting to observe the results.

Measures such as controlling blood sugar levels and blood pressure, maintaining ideal weight through a balanced diet and regular visits to the doctor can be important in maintaining a he althy life, helping not only treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes itself.

In addition, the doctor may recommend more specific treatments, such as:

  • Use vasodilator drugs such as sildenafil or tadalafil;
  • Exercise regularly, with a 1-hour jog, 3 times a week, for example;
  • Implanting a semi-rigid prosthesis in the penis, which is used in the most severe cases where other forms of treatment have not worked.

It is essential that each case is carefully analyzed by a specialized urologist, because it is a sensitive region of the body and self-medication can be extremely harmful, and can bring even more complications.

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