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Iron-rich foods for anemia

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Iron-rich foods for anemia
Iron-rich foods for anemia

Using iron-rich foods for anemia is a great way to speed up healing for this disease. Even in small concentrations, iron should be consumed at every meal, as there is no point in eating just 1 iron-rich meal and spending 3 days without consuming these foods.

Generally, individuals prone to iron deficiency anemia need to change their eating habits to avoid the recurrence of the disease, and therefore, regardless of the medical treatment instituted, food should be based on these foods.

Iron rich foods

Other foods rich in iron

Iron-rich foods to fight anemia

Foods rich in iron should be consumed regularly to fight anemia, so we indicate in the following table some of the foods with the highest concentration of iron:

Seafood steamed 100 g 22 mg
Boiled chicken liver 100 g 8, 5 mg
Pumpkin Seed 57 g 8, 5 mg
Tofu 124 g 6, 5 mg
Roasted beef loin 100 g 3, 5 mg
Pistachio 64 g 4, 4 mg
Melado 41 g 3, 6 mg
Black chocolate 28, 4 g 1, 8 mg
Raisin 36 g 1, 75 mg
Boiled pumpkin 123 g 1, 7 mg
Baked potato with skin 122 g 1, 7 mg
Tomato juice 243 g 1, 4 mg
Canned tuna 100 g 1, 3 mg
Ham 100 g 1, 2 mg

Iron absorption from food is not total and is around 20 to 30% in the case of iron present in meat, chicken or fish and 5% in the case of plant foods such as fruits and vegetables.

How to fight anemia with food

To combat anemia with foods rich in Iron, they should be eaten with a food source of vitamin C, in case they are vegetables, and also away from the presence of foods rich in calcium such as milk and dairy products because these make it difficult for the body to absorb iron, so it is important to try to make recipes and combinations that facilitate iron absorption.

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