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What to do in case of dislocationção (from pé, finger, elbow)

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What to do in case of dislocationção (from pé, finger, elbow)
What to do in case of dislocationção (from pé, finger, elbow)

Dislocation occurs when the bones that form a joint are displaced from their natural position, due to a strong blow, for example, causing intense pain at the site, swelling and difficulty moving the joint.

When this happens it is recommended that:

  1. Do not force the affected limb or attempt to move it;
  2. Make a sling to prevent the joint from moving, using fabric, a band or a belt, for example;
  3. Apply a cold compress to the affected joint;
  4. Call an ambulance by calling 911 or go to the emergency room.

Dislocations are very common in children and can happen anywhere, especially in the shoulder, elbow, finger, knee, ankle and foot.

When a joint is dislocated, it should never be tried to put it back in place, as if the procedure is poorly performed, it can cause serious damage to the peripheral nervous system, causing even more pain and disability.

How to identify a dislocation

Dislocation can be confirmed when these 4 signs exist:

  • Very strong pain in the joint;
  • Difficulty moving the affected limb;
  • Swelling or purple spots in the joint;
  • Deformation of the affected limb.

Depending on the type of blow and the intensity, dislocation can also arise with a fracture of the bone. In this case, you should also avoid correcting the fracture, being advised to go quickly to the emergency room. Learn how to identify a dislocation.

How the treatment is done

Treatment is indicated by the doctor according to the type of dislocation, however in most cases the use of analgesic medication is recommended to relieve symptoms. In addition, the doctor puts the joint in place with the aim of speeding up the person's recovery process. See how the main types of dislocation are treated at the hospital.

How to prevent a dislocation

The best way to avoid a dislocation is to use the safety equipment recommended for dangerous activities. For example, in the case of high impact sports, it is advisable to always use knee and elbow protectors or protective gloves.

In the case of children, you should also avoid pulling them by the arms, hands, legs or feet, as this can cause excessive force on the joint, which ends up causing a dislocation.

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