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10 practical ways to get a fishbone out of your throat

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10 practical ways to get a fishbone out of your throat
10 practical ways to get a fishbone out of your throat

The presence of a fishbone in the throat can be quite uncomfortable and cause a feeling of lump in the throat. In some cases, it is also possible to observe the presence of some symptoms such as blood in the saliva and difficulty in swallowing or breathing.

Most of the time, the pimple is small and, therefore, the body itself ends up pushing it out of the tissue without causing damage to he alth. However, when the pimple is large, there is some risk of causing throat damage and even infection, and it is recommended to remove the pimple carefully, if it is visible, or to go to the hospital to have it removed correctly.

Check out some tips for removing fishbones from your throat below:


1. Eat a banana

A simple way to get a small fishbone stuck in your throat out is to eat a banana, because it's soft and probably won't hurt your esophagus when it passes through it. When passing through the pimple, the banana pieces will stick to the pimple and push it into the stomach, where it will end up being dissolved by the gastric acid.

2. Cough

Coughing is the body's first defense mechanism against changes in the throat and airways, as coughing pushes air with enough force to dislodge any foreign body, such as a pimple.

So, at the moment it is important to follow the instinct to cough, as it can help to free the pimple from the throat, causing an immediate sensation of relief.

3. Eating bread or cooked rice

This technique works in a similar way to the banana, for this you must take a piece of bread and then dip it in milk. When it is well wet, you should squeeze the bread and make a small ball that can be swallowed whole. Once swallowed, the bread sticks to the spine and helps push it into the stomach.

Other foods that can be ingested to loosen the pimple are well-cooked rice or potatoes, because, although they are soft, they can stick to the pimple.

4. Drink some olive oil

Unlike water, olive oil is not easily absorbed and, therefore, helps to hydrate the walls of the throat well for a longer time, which can cause the natural movements of the esophagus to push the pimple out.

Thus, it is better to drink a little oil than water, as it is more lubricating. If you cannot drink pure olive oil, it is also possible to drink a mixture of water with a little olive oil, for example.

5. Drink something acidic

It is believed that drinking an acidic beverage, such as vinegar water or soda, can help to soften very thin fish bones. Thus, by making the pimples softer, they can be swallowed more easily or even dissolved.

6. Wait for it to pass on its own

In some cases, the discomfort felt may not necessarily be due to the fishbone remaining in the throat. That is, it is possible that the fish spine was temporarily left in the throat, causing inflammation and local irritation, and then it was swallowed, leaving the lesions. So, waiting a few hours can help determine if the fishbone is still stuck in the throat or if it corresponds to tissue damage.

7. Eat a marshmallow

Like bread, rice, and bananas, marshmallows are soft enough to push out any fish bones that might be stuck. Also, the marshmallow can stick to the pimple, allowing them to be swallowed together. Therefore, it is recommended to chew the marshmallow until it is moist and then swallow, keeping the piece of marshmallow as large as possible.

8. Have a more viscous drink

A thicker, more viscous drink, such as a milkshake or a smoothie, can help push the fish's spine, especially if swallowed with force. In addition, these drinks have the added benefit of being cold, which helps alleviate any irritation or discomfort you may be experiencing.

9. Gargle with warm s alt water

This method is mainly indicated in cases where the spine is stuck in the upper part of the throat. Gargling can help to contract and relax the esophageal muscle so that the pimple can come off on its own. S alt can help soothe any irritation or inflammation caused by the pimple.

The gargle can be prepared by mixing 1 teaspoon of s alt in 1 cup of warm water, mixing thoroughly until dissolved. Then, gargle for about 30 seconds and spit out the water, repeating until you feel relief.

10. Eating dry crackers

Swallowing as many dry cookies at once can also help ease the pimple out, and it's important to ensure that the cookies are chewed just enough so that they can be swallowed whole. The idea of this method is to make the cake that is ingested, scrape the throat, dislodging the bone.

What not to do

It is important to avoid using any type of utensil or even your fingers to remove a pimple that is not visible, as lesions can appear on the wall of the esophagus, which end up causing more discomfort and increasing the risk of infection.

When to go to the doctor

It's important to go to the emergency room whenever you can't remove the pimple with any of these techniques, but also when it appears:

  • Very intense pain;
  • Bleeding heavily;
  • Difficulty breathing.

Usually, the doctor can remove the pimple using special tweezers, however, in the most difficult cases, minor surgery may be necessary to remove the pimple. In these cases, it is usually not necessary to stay hospitalized, as it is a very simple surgery that, sometimes, does not even include cuts in the skin.

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