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Coitus interruptus: works or é possibleíable to get pregnant?

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Coitus interruptus: works or é possibleíable to get pregnant?
Coitus interruptus: works or é possibleíable to get pregnant?

Coitus interruptus is a contraceptive method that, although not recommended by he alth professionals, can reduce the chances of getting pregnant, as it consists of withdrawing the penis from the vagina moments before ejaculation, reducing the risk of fertilizing sperm the egg and pregnancy.

Although this method is still widely used, it is not completely safe to prevent pregnancy and, in addition, it also does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, for example.

Is it possible to get pregnant?

Coitus interruptus is 78% effective, that is, about 2 out of 10 women who practice this method can become pregnant. Even if the penis is removed from the vagina, there is a possibility of pregnancy, which can be due to two reasons:

  • Man may have difficulty controlling the moment of ejaculation and it ends up happening when the penis is still inside the vagina;
  • Even before ejaculation, a man may still have a small amount of sperm in the urethra, from a recent previous ejaculation, which can reach the egg and fertilize it, starting pregnancy.

If the couple wants to use withdrawal as a contraceptive method, it is recommended that the man urinates between each ejaculation in order to eliminate the sperm that would still be present in the urethra.

Furthermore, it is also important for the man to have the control to withdraw his penis at the right time, so as not to ejaculate inside the vagina. If this happens, the woman should go to the gynecologist, because it may be necessary to take emergency contraceptives. See how the morning after pill works.

Why is coitus interruptus not recommended?

Coitus interruptus is not recommended because it is not very effective and does not prevent sexually transmitted infections, and therefore its practice is totally discouraged.

The ideal is for the couple to use a condom for each intimate contact to prevent not only pregnancy, but also diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Know the main contraceptive methods.

When might be a good option

When a woman has a very regular menstrual cycle and is able to know exactly when her fertile period is every month, withdrawal may be a possibility if the couple does not have access to any other contraceptive method, even if it is very risky, and there is the possibility of becoming pregnant.

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