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How to make a diet to lose weight rápido (with cardápio)

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How to make a diet to lose weight rápido (with cardápio)
How to make a diet to lose weight rápido (with cardápio)

To follow a diet to lose weight quickly and in a he althy way, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, ingesting fewer calories and prioritizing the consumption of lean proteins, he althy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

Foods, such as full-fat cheeses, ice cream, and industrialized foods, such as soft drinks, ready-to-eat seasonings or instant noodles, should be avoided, as they have a lot of calories, sugar and chemical additives that can hinder weight loss.

In addition to diet, practicing physical activities regularly, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep are also essential to help with weight loss.

Here are some suggestions for building a fast weight loss diet:

What to eat

Before choosing what to eat during the diet, it is important to know the amount of calories you can ingest in the day. To do this, just use our calculator and find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.

Foods that can be included in the diet to lose weight fast are:

1. Lean Proteins

Lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, tofu, and white cheeses, such as ricotta, cottage, and cheese, contain less fat, which helps to reduce the amount of calories in the diet. In addition, by being digested more slowly, proteins help control hunger and reduce the urge to eat, facilitating weight loss. See a list of more lean protein foods.

Recommended amount: It's important to eat lean protein at every meal of the day. The recommended daily intake of proteins should be around 30% of the total caloric value of the diet.

2. He althy Fats

Foods rich in he althy fats, such as extra virgin olive oil, oilseeds such as walnuts, peanuts, and pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds help to accelerate metabolism, in addition to promoting satiety, contributing to the slimming. Discover other foods rich in he althy fats to help you lose weight.

Recommended amount: he althy fats should be included every day in the weight loss diet, ideally divided into small portions throughout the day. Despite being he althy, these foods are very caloric and, therefore, the daily intake should not exceed 20% of the total caloric value of the diet.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Some fresh fruits such as strawberry, papaya, kiwi, pear and melon, have few calories and are rich in water and fiber, which help control hunger, contributing to weight loss. Find out which other fruits can help you lose weight.

On the other hand, fresh vegetables, such as green beans, tomatoes, lettuce and cauliflower, also promote weight loss, as they are rich in vitamins, water and fiber that help prevent constipation, in addition to controlling appetite.

Recommended amount: It is important to eat fresh, whole fruits at least 3 times a day and fresh vegetables, raw, or baked, grilled or stewed for lunch and dinner. As they are also good sources of carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed every day in up to 40% of the total caloric value of the diet.

4. Whole grains

Cereals, such as brown rice, whole-grain bread and whole-wheat pasta, are foods rich in fiber, important to eliminate it and reduce the absorption of fat in the body. In addition, these cereals also help to control hunger, favoring rapid weight loss. Find out what they are and how to consume whole grains.

Recommended amount: to help with satiety and weight loss, it is important to consume whole grains daily, such as brown rice, at lunch and wholegrain bread, in the afternoon.As they are a source of carbohydrates, they should be consumed in moderation, in a maximum amount of 40% of the caloric value of the diet per day, along with fruits and vegetables.

5. Thermogenic foods

Thermogenic foods, such as cinnamon, pepper, green tea, hibiscus and Peruvian maca, contain substances such as caffeine, capsaicin or gingerol, which help speed up metabolism, contributing to weight loss. Discover other types of thermogenic foods and how to use them in your diet.

Recommended amount: to help with rapid weight loss, thermogenic foods can be consumed throughout the day, and can accompany yogurts, fruits, stews or soups, for example.

See the following video for some foods that help you lose weight:

3 Days Menu to Lose Weight Fast

The following table shows an example of a 3-day diet to lose weight fast:


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


1 cup of hibiscus tea + 1 slice of wholegrain bread with 1 tbsp of ricotta cream 1 natural low-fat yogurt with 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds + 1 kiwi 1 small slice of papaya with 1 dessert spoon of rolled oats + 1 omelet with 1 egg

Morning Snack

4 hazelnuts + 1 apple with cinnamon 1 cup of green tea + 1 slice of wholemeal bread + 1 medium slice of Minas cheese 6 cashews + 1 small slice of melon

Lunch / Dinner

1 small grilled chicken breast fillet + 2 tbsp brown rice + 3 tbsp cooked coleslaw, tomato and grated beetroot + 1 small orange 1 roasted fish fillet + 3 tbsp roasted potato and broccoli soup + 2 tbsp braised cabbage soup + 1 small slice of watermelon 1 grilled tofu burger + 1 medium roasted eggplant with tomato sauce + 2 tablespoons of boiled carrot, chayote and zucchini salad + 5 medium strawberries

Afternoon snack

1 natural low-fat yogurt + 2 Brazil nuts 3 walnuts + 1 pear 200 ml detox juice with kale, orange and flaxseed

This menu is just a model that may vary according to personal preferences and individual total caloric expenditure.Because they are very restricted in nutrients and calories, diets to lose weight fast should be done for a short time and, preferably, with the help of a nutritionist.

How to supplement the diet

To help you lose weight quickly, it is important to adopt other changes in your daily routine, in addition to your diet. These include:

  1. Drinking thermogenic teas daily, such as green tea and hibiscus tea, helps eliminate excess fluid from the body, reducing swelling in the body. In addition, it helps to accelerate metabolism, promoting rapid weight loss;
  2. Drinking water, between meals and throughout the day helps you lose weight, as this drink helps eliminate toxins from the body that can interfere with weight loss. In addition, drinking water helps control appetite, as the body can confuse thirst with hunger;
  3. Practice physical exercises regularly,such as weight training, dancing or running, as they speed up metabolism, making you burn more calories and helping you lose weight quickly. See which physical exercises help you lose weight.

In addition, having a good night's sleep, lasting 7 to 9 hours a night, helps in controlling the hormones responsible for hunger and satiety, directly contributing to weight loss.

What to avoid

During a fast weight loss diet, it is important to avoid the following foods:

  • Refined cereals: white rice, white pasta, white wheat flour, present in foods such as breads, cakes, cookies and white pasta;
  • Sugar: sugar of all kinds, ice cream, chocolates, cookies, boxed and powdered juices;
  • Processed meats: sausage, sausage, bologna, bacon, salami, ham and turkey breast;
  • Tubers and roots: potato, sweet potato, cassava, yam and yam;
  • Saturated fats: yellow cheeses such as gouda, cheddar, butter, margarine, sour cream;
  • S alt and foods rich in s alt: diced seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, instant noodles, frozen ready-to-eat foods.

In addition, during the diet for rapid weight loss, it is recommended to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, fried foods in general, pizza, packaged snacks and lasagna, as they favor increased fat accumulation, generating weight gain.

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