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Leg workout: 8 exercisesíthigh, posterior and calf exercises

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Leg workout: 8 exercisesíthigh, posterior and calf exercises
Leg workout: 8 exercisesíthigh, posterior and calf exercises

Leg training can be divided according to the muscle group that you want to work, and the physical education professional may indicate the performance of an exercise for each muscle group. Thus, exercises that work the muscles of the front of the thigh, the calf, the glutes and the inside of the leg, for example, that can be done in 3 series of 10 to 12 repetitions can be indicated.

To have better results, it is important that the training is done intensively, according to the guidance of the professional and that you have a he althy and balanced diet, which must be guided by the nutritionist according to the objective.

Thigh Exercises

1. Squat

The squat is considered a complete movement, because in addition to working the thigh, it also works the back of the leg, glutes and calf, being, therefore, considered a great exercise for the leg.

It is important that the person has guidance from a physical education professional so that injuries are avoided. Thus, it is recommended that the person position their feet hip-width apart and squat down as if they were going to sit in a chair.

The squat can be done with a barbell resting on the trapeze and shoulders or with dumbbells in front of the body, and must be done according to the instructor's guidance. Here are some squat options.

2. Extender

The leg curl is a great exercise to work the muscle at the front of the thigh, called the quadriceps. For this, the person must adjust the backrest of the equipment, so that the bottom of the back is well supported and that the knee does not exceed the line of the feet.

A after the adjustment, the person should position the feet behind the equipment support and extend the leg so that the support is at the same height as the knee and the leg is fully extended. Then you must control the movement to the starting position and repeat the movement again.

3. Leg press

The leg press is also an exercise option that helps to work the thigh muscles, and can be done in equipment that allows the legs to be flexed at 45º or 90º, and the physical education professional must indicate which equipment according to the training objective.

This exercise is quite complete, as it allows you to work not only the front of the thigh, but also the back and glutes. To do this exercise, you must adjust the bench and adjust your feet to the platform, then push, slowly returning to the starting position and repeating this exercise 10 to 12 times or as directed by your physical education professional.

Exercises for later

1. Stiff

The deadlift is a great hamstring exercise as it works all the muscles in the back, including the glutes. This exercise can be done using a barbell or dumbbells and, for this, you must hold the load in front of the body, more or less at hip height, and then slowly lower it towards the feet, paying attention to the back that must be kept aligned to avoid offsetting.

During the descent, you can keep your legs extended or semi-flexed, and you can also push your hips back to give more emphasis to muscle work.

Another variation of the stiff is the unilateral stiff, in which the person must hold a dumbbell in front of the body with one hand and the opposite leg must be suspended in the air while the movement is performed, thus working the another leg.Another option is popularly known as "good morning", in which the person performs the movement of the stiff with a barbell on the back.

2. Flexor lying down

In this exercise for the posterior thigh, the person must lie on the flexor table, which must be adjusted according to the height and size of the legs, fit the hip in the curve of the equipment and the feet on the support, and then bend the legs to about 90º and return to the starting position more slowly.

It is important in this exercise that the machine is properly adjusted, as well as the weight with which the exercise will be performed, as it is possible to avoid injuries and overload to the lumbar region.

Exercises for glutes

1. Hip lift

The hip lift is one of the exercises that can be indicated to work the glutes, and can be done only with body weight or using weight.In the case of doing only with the weight, the person should lie on the floor, with the belly up and knees bent and lift the hips while contracting the glutes. Then lower the hip, preventing it from touching the floor, and repeat the movement.

Another way to perform this exercise is by supporting a bar or dumbbell on the hip, in which case it is important that the person rests his back on a bench, and performs the same movement.

In addition to working the glutes, the hip lift also activates the abdominal and thigh muscles and is therefore considered a great exercise.

2. "Kick"

The "kickback" is another exercise that mainly works the glutes, however it is also capable of activating the muscles located in the back of the leg. To do this exercise, the person must be in the position of all fours and, with the leg bent or extended, raise to the height of the hip, while doing the contraction of the gluteus.After lifting, you must control the lowering of the leg to the original position and then perform the same movement again.

One way to intensify this exercise is to do the movement using a shin guard on the leg being worked on, or on a specific machine, in which the person must push the bar that is present in the equipment, being able to adjust the weight.

Calf Exercise

The isolated calf exercise is usually done at the end of the workout, because all the other exercises performed during the workout also work this muscle. However, performing specific exercises for this muscle is important to ensure greater leg stability, more strength and volume, which also favors a more aesthetic contour for the leg.

One of the exercises that can be indicated is the calf on the step, in which the person must support the tip of the feet on the step and leave the heel unsupported.Then, stretch the calf, pushing the body up, and then go down again, feeling the muscle stretch. In order to favor the results, it is important that when descending, the person lets the heels go a little beyond the step line, so that it is possible to work the muscle more.

It is usually indicated that 3 sets of these exercises of 10 to 12 repetitions are performed or according to the guidance of the physical education professional, this is because the amount of repetitions and sets may vary according to the type and objective of the exercise. training.

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