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Capoeira: what é, benefícios and how to startçar

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Capoeira: what é, benefícios and how to startçar
Capoeira: what é, benefícios and how to startçar

Capoeira is a Brazilian cultural expression that combines martial arts, music, acrobatics and dance to perform quick, complex and unique strokes and movements that require a great amount of strength and body flexibility. Capoeira practitioners generally have excellent physical shape and well-being, as the acrobatics and movements not only stimulate the body, but also the personality and mental state.

In this way, the practice of capoeira can bring physical and psychological benefits to the person, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving self-confidence and improving flexibility and body strength, for example.

Benefits of capoeira for he alth

The main benefits of capoeira practice are:

1. Develops body strength and flexibility

During the practice of capoeira, it is necessary to frequently use the arms, hands and abdomen to be able to perform acrobatics and agile poses, which result in a constant use of the muscles of the upper region of the body. This frequent use of muscles stimulates muscle fibers and increases blood flow, improving muscle strength and leading to rapid growth in muscle volume.

Furthermore, by performing complex movements, capoeira practitioners develop extraordinary flexibility over time, which not only allows for more difficult figures, but also reduces the risk of injury.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety

Capoeira is performed to the sound of music, which follows a rhythm similar to that of body movement, in this way the capoeira practitioner feels a sensation of bodily and mental relaxation, even after performing difficult acrobatics.

After capoeira training, the body still begins to release a large amount of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters responsible for improving mood.

Another good option to relax and relieve anxiety is the use of home remedies for stress.

3. Helps to lose weight

To do capoeira successfully, a lot of energy is needed, because, during the practice of this type of sport, the body is in constant movement. This, combined with the repeated movements of the acrobatics, makes capoeira an intense cardio exercise, which greatly increases the rate of fat burning, even after the capoeira session is over.

4. Improves confidence and self-esteem

Capoeira is a perfect way to improve self-esteem and confidence, because, in addition to improving physical shape, it also produces a feeling of courage when you already master some of the more complex body movements.

5. Promotes social interaction

Normally, capoeira groups work as a family, in which there is a great spirit of help to improve body movements and acrobatics. In addition, as several people are needed to make the capoeira roda, it is also possible to meet new people from different places and cultures.

Getting Started

The most important thing to start practicing capoeira is to have the will and choose a certified school, not requiring any kind of experience or specific skills. During the first capoeira sessions, the technical aspects and the basic defensive movements are taught, and over time, the attack moves, which are more complex.

To start practicing capoeira it is not necessary to have a specific type of clothing, it is recommended, at the beginning, to wear comfortable clothes, such as sweatpants and a t-shirt, for example.Only after some time, it may be necessary to buy the official uniform of the practice, especially when representing the group in competitions.

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