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How to do the 10-minute workout

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How to do the 10-minute workout
How to do the 10-minute workout

Short-term exercises can have the same result as long-term exercises when performed at high intensity, because the greater the training intensity, the more the body needs to work, favoring caloric expenditure even after exercise. Thus, a workout performed in 10 minutes at high intensity can have the same effect or greater effect than a workout performed in 40 to 50 minutes and at a moderate to low pace, for example.

High-intensity exercises are called HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which can be done with aerobic exercises, which use your own body weight or in functional or circuit training. See some functional training options.

Despite having benefits, fast and intense workouts cannot be practiced by all people and it is recommended that they are accompanied by a professional during the training.That's because in this type of exercise, there is great cardiac demand, which can result in a heart attack or stroke in people who have cardiovascular problems, or result in injuries. In addition, sedentary people can do this type of exercise, but they should be introduced only when the person is already more conditioned.

Key benefits

10-minute workouts can have several benefits when performed correctly, at high intensity and accompanied by a professional, in addition to being related to a he althy and balanced diet according to the goal. The main benefits of the 10-minute workout are:

  • Increased caloric expenditure;
  • More muscular endurance;
  • Better cardiorespiratory fitness;
  • Fat loss and muscle mass gain;
  • Increased insulin sensitivity;
  • Combats stress, improves mood and ensures a feeling of well-being.

To have the maximum benefits, it is necessary that this type of training is accompanied by a balanced and adequate diet for the objective, and should be recommended, preferably, by a nutritionist. Know what to eat to gain muscle and lose fat.

How to do the 10-minute workout

Practicing physical exercise for at least 10 minutes every day is enough to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but for that it must be practiced intensely and with professional supervision.

Exercises can be done with your own body weight, weight training exercises or aerobic exercises, such as running, cycling, jumping rope, climbing stairs and swimming, for example.

10-minute running workout

A 10-minute running workout option can be done on the treadmill, running for 30-50 seconds at high intensity and resting for around 20-30 seconds, which can be stopped or walking at a light pace.These shots must be done for a period of 10 minutes or according to the professional's orientation, but must be intense enough to increase heart rate and metabolism.

In addition to interval running on the treadmill, another way to increase the intensity of the run is to do it on soft sand, as it is more difficult and demands more effort from the body, increasing heart rate and, consequently, spending caloric.

See the caloric expenditure of each exercise:

It is also possible to perform 30-minute workouts at home, which also promote increased metabolism and calorie expenditure when practiced at high intensity.

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