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AEJ (Aerófasted beak): what é and how to do

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AEJ (Aerófasted beak): what é and how to do
AEJ (Aerófasted beak): what é and how to do

The fasted aerobic exercise, also known as AEJ, is a training method used by many people in order to lose weight faster. This exercise should be done at low intensity and is usually done on an empty stomach shortly after waking up. The principle of this strategy is to make the body use fat reserves to generate energy, since during fasting glucose reserves were depleted.

This type of training is still under study and is much discussed among professionals, as it can lead to an imbalance in the body, such as discomfort or hypoglycemia, without necessarily losing weight. Even the breakdown of proteins and, consequently, the loss of muscle mass can happen.To solve this issue, some people choose to take some type of supplementation, such as BCAA, which is a supplement made up of amino acids capable of preventing muscle loss, but this can disregard fasting.

How to

The fasted aerobic exercise should be done first thing in the morning, fasting for 12 to 14 hours, without taking supplements, such as BCAA, and it should be of low intensity, being recommended a walk of about 45 minutes. It is important to drink water before, during and after exercise and to avoid exercising every day or for a prolonged period, as fasted aerobic exercise loses its effectiveness in the long term.

Main advantages and disadvantages

The fasted aerobic exercise must take into account several issues so that it can be beneficial to the person. However, when AEJ is practiced every day, the method ends up becoming inefficient in the long term, as the body can be brought to an energy saving state, which can decrease energy expenditure during exercise and promote imbalance in the body.

To have satisfactory results, one must take into account the type of diet, hypoglycemic tendencies, cardiovascular conditions and physical conditioning. The main advantages and disadvantages of AEJ are:

Advantages Disadvantages
Food is processed faster, as there is a decrease in production and an increase in the body's sensitivity to insulin Decreased performance in the exercise
Increase in muscle mass, as there is a stimulus in the production of the growth hormone, GH Imbalance in the body, increasing the risk of developing diseases
Increase in caloric expenditure Nausea, fainting, dizziness and hypoglycemia
Fat loss, as the body uses fat as the first source of energy Loss of muscle mass due to increased protein breakdown, in the case of fasted exercises with high intensity

It is also important to keep in mind that not all people will have the same benefits of fasted training and, therefore, the ideal is that it is indicated by the physical education professional so that strategies are created to enhance the effects of the exercise. AEJ.

Does fasted aerobic training make you lose weight?

If the training is performed with low intensity, on alternate days and with professional guidance, yes. Fasted aerobic exercise is based on the fact that in fasting the body uses all the glucose stores to maintain the body's functions, thus making it easier for the body to use the fat stores to generate energy for physical activity first thing in the morning..

However, this type of training is more effective in those people who have a low-calorie diet, are already physically fit and whose body naturally can use fat as a primary energy source.In addition, in order to actually lose weight with fasted exercise, it is important to drink water before and during exercise and to perform low-intensity activity, such as walking, for a period of about 40 minutes.

If the exercise performed on an empty stomach has a very high intensity, such as interval running or HIIT, there may be loss of muscle mass dizziness, fainting or nausea.

Watch our nutritionist explain about fasted aerobic exercise in the following video:

What is the best way to lose weight?

It is already scientifically proven that weight loss is directly related to a balanced diet, duration and intensity of exercises.

The fasted aerobic exercise, despite having the potential to increase the use of fat to generate energy, is more associated with the loss of muscle mass, than in fact with weight loss, as many people end up doing this type of exercise without proper guidance.See which are the best exercises to lose weight.

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