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Internal spine: what é, why it happens and how to remove it

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Internal spine: what é, why it happens and how to remove it
Internal spine: what é, why it happens and how to remove it

The internal pimple, scientifically called nodular-cystic acne, is a palpable and very painful type of acne that appears in the innermost layer of the skin, and can affect both men and women at any age group. They can occur mainly during periods when there is a greater hormonal change, such as pregnancy or menopause, but they are more frequent during puberty, when there is an increase in sebum production and, consequently, an increase in pimples.

It is important to avoid squeezing the inner pimple, as there is no opening to the most superficial layer of the skin, it is not possible to eliminate the pus, in addition to increasing the risk of worsening symptoms, such as inflammation and local pain.

So, in case of an internal pimple, it is recommended to make compresses with hot water or apply steam near the pimple site, to favor the disappearance of inflammation and relief of symptoms.However, in cases where internal pimples are frequent or do not improve with home measures, it is important to consult a dermatologist so that an evaluation can be carried out and the use of some medicines that help to eliminate the internal pimple can be indicated.

Why it happens

The appearance of the internal spine is directly related to hormonal imbalance and, therefore, it is more common in adolescents, since there is a greater variation in the level of circulating testosterone, both in boys and in girls.

Although it is more frequent in adolescents, the internal spine can also appear in adults, being mainly influenced by psychological factors such as stress and anxiety, premenstrual period and diet rich in fat and sugar.

What to do

The most important thing to do when you have an internal pimple is to avoid squeezing the spot, because, in addition to not being able to remove the pus, the act of squeezing the skin can increase inflammation and cause dark spots to appear., which can take even longer to disappear.

To treat the internal pimple, it is recommended to start care as soon as the first symptoms appear, such as pain, redness and swelling in the skin, being recommended for this:

  1. Apply a hot compress to the area, or a thermal bag, wrapped in a towel so as not to burn the skin, leave it for 15 minutes;
  2. Keep the hot compress away for 10 minutes;
  3. Repeat the process for at least 1 hour a day until the pimple disappears.

Another way to eliminate the internal pimple and relieve the symptoms is to apply hot steam near the pimple site for a few minutes. It is possible to use some portable steam devices or, also, use the steam of warm water during the bath. Steam helps to reduce inflammation and the amount of pus present at the site and can be performed several times a day.

In addition, to combat the internal pimple and prevent the appearance of others, it is recommended to carry out a deep skin cleansing every 2 months, in the case of normal to dry skin, and once a month in combination and oils, which can be done at home or, preferably, by a trained professional.See how deep skin cleansing is done.

Care while treating the inner pimple

Some cares help to speed up the treatment process of the internal pimple and can be used to complete the home or medical treatment. They include:

  • Avoid squeezing the inner pimple: manipulation of the region, such as the nose, ear or chin, for example, can worsen inflammation and increase pain;
  • Wash the affected area twice a day: keeping the skin clean helps to regulate the production of sebum and eliminates the dirt present in the first layer of the skin. It is recommended to wash the skin with cold water and neutral soap;
  • Applying sunscreen once a day: skin protection helps reduce the chances of blemishes caused by inflammation.
  • Keep the skin hydrated: natural hydration masks, which use ingredients such as green clay and honey, for example, are great options to restore skin integrity and stimulate cell renewal. See 10 options for homemade moisturizers;
  • Avoid using makeup on the affected region: these products occlude the first layer of the skin, increasing oiliness and sebum production;
  • Exfoliate the skin once a week: Exfoliation is a great option to eliminate impurities present in the skin, stimulating regeneration and the growth of new cells. Check out 6 options for homemade face scrubs.

These precautions to treat the internal pimple should be followed during home treatment or when indicated by the doctor, and it is also interesting that they are maintained after the pimple disappears, as it is possible to maintain the he alth of the skin and prevent new pimples.

It is also recommended to have a diet low in sugary or fatty foods, such as chocolate, peanuts, milk, as they increase the irritation of the sebaceous glands responsible for the appearance of acne.

Watch the video below and see how eating can help prevent the appearance of pimples:

When to go to the doctor

It is recommended to consult the dermatologist when the homemade techniques do not work, if the pain persists for more than 1 week or when the appearance of internal pimples is frequent, because in addition to the discomfort of the lesions, the emergence of pimples can have a negative effect on self-esteem and quality of life.

This way, the doctor can make an assessment of the skin and the internal spine and indicate the most appropriate treatment, which usually consists of the use of antibiotics or isotretinoin, which is a substance obtained from vitamin A and that It is indicated to decrease the production of sebum, which helps to reduce inflammation and thus fight the internal pimple. Understand better what isotretinoin is and when it is used.

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