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What é the iônico detox and how it works

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What é the iônico detox and how it works
What é the iônico detox and how it works

Ionic detox, also known as hydrodetox or ionic detox, is an alternative treatment that aims to detoxify the body by harmonizing energy flows through the feet. Despite being said that ionic detoxification is able to promote the elimination of toxins and treat diseases, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote improved blood circulation, its effects are still quite debatable.

A good example of the doubts about the functioning of this treatment is that the result of detoxification can be observed through the change of color of the water in which the feet are, being indicative of the elimination of toxins by the feet. However, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that toxins are eliminated through the feet.

In addition, when the electrodes are placed in s alt water and a current of energy is applied, even without the feet, a chemical reaction takes place that promotes the change in the color of the water, without having to be in contact with the body.

Possible benefits

It is believed that the benefits of ionic detoxification are related to the elimination of toxins through the feet, being informed that this type of treatment can improve blood circulation, decrease menopausal symptoms, decrease stress and anxiety, body regeneration, prevention of premature aging and increased sense of well-being.

In this way, ionic detoxification could provide a better quality of life for people using the treatment. However, more studies are needed to prove the effects of ionic detoxification, mainly due to the fact that the results of existing studies are contradictory.

How is ionic detox done

To carry out the ionic detoxification treatment, it is recommended that the person put their feet for about 15 to 30 minutes in a container with s alt water, in which there are copper and steel electrodes that could help balance the energy flows of the human body.

The copper and steel electrodes present in the ionic detoxification device would be responsible for eliminating from the body all kinds of toxins, chemicals, radiation effects and synthetic materials that are stored in different layers of the skin and balancing energy of the body, promoting a feeling of well-being for the person at the end of the session.

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