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6 benefícios of acupuncture for he althúde

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6 benefícios of acupuncture for he althúde
6 benefícios of acupuncture for he althúde

Acupuncture is a therapy that emerged from traditional Chinese medicine and is used to promote well-being and to treat various he alth problems. Acupuncture techniques consist of applying final needles, laser or mustard seeds to specific points on the body, called meridians, where nerve endings, tendons and muscle fibers are located.

The application of needles in the meridians aims to release the energy accumulated in the body and for the positive effects of this therapy to be felt, it is necessary to seek qualified professionals, who have knowledge of acupuncture techniques. It is also important to follow a doctor's treatment and recommendations. Learn more about acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a safe therapy and the effectiveness of the techniques has been increasingly studied, and some known benefits are:

1. Complementary treatment of diseases

Acupuncture can be used as a complementary treatment for various diseases such as gastritis, duodenal ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and hormonal changes because by stimulating specific points on the body it can improve blood circulation, regulate heartbeat and stimulate the body's defense cells.

By applying fine needles to the correct meridians, the body's energy flow can be released, strengthening the immune system that produces disease-fighting substances. Learn more about the main acupuncture points and which organs they stimulate.

2. Reducing anxiety and stress

Acupuncture sessions may be recommended by a psychiatrist, psychologist or acupuncturist to improve symptoms caused by depression, anxiety and stress.The frequency and period of acupuncture treatment is different from one person to another, depending on the symptoms and must be indicated by the professional who will perform the acupuncture.

For the benefits to be greater, it is important to include leisure activities in everyday life, physical exercise, a balanced diet, taking the medication prescribed by the doctor and changing unhe althy lifestyle habits. See more of what to do to combat stress and anxiety.

3. Decreased chronic pain

Acupuncture helps reduce back pain, migraine, menstrual cramps and reduces pain caused by fibromyalgia, as the introduction of fine needles at specific points in the body can activate muscle fibers and this causes the spinal cord stimulate the brain to release substances, such as endorphins, that reduce pain and promote relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

One of the most used techniques for pain relief is auriculotherapy, which consists of the application of needles in very precise regions of the ear. See more about how auriculotherapy is performed.

4. Allergy Symptom Relief

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that allergies are caused because the reaction of defense cells causes the body's energy flow to accumulate, causing symptoms caused by rhinitis, such as sneezing, runny nose and itching.

Acupuncture helps to improve these symptoms, as it releases accumulated energy and stimulates the proper functioning of the immune system, in addition to increasing the flow of the bloodstream. Often, as the person undergoes acupuncture sessions, it may reduce the need for anti-allergy medication.

5. Skin Rejuvenation

Acupuncture can be used for aesthetic purposes, as the application of fine needles in the face, neck and head region can stimulate collagen production and help with muscle recovery and support.

This process can improve the appearance of the skin, smoothing out stretch marks and cellulite, as well as reducing body fat, as acupuncture also works by decreasing appetite and increasing the body's metabolism.However, for acupuncture to be more effective, measures such as having a balanced diet, drinking plenty of fluids and exercising are necessary.

6. Auxiliary treatment against the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

The application of fine needles performed in acupuncture can help in the treatment for people who want to stop smoking, as it reduces the desire to smoke. However, it must be performed by trained professionals, as the introduction of fine needles must be done in very specific meridians.

This type of therapy can also help people who are undergoing treatment to stop excessive alcohol use and chemical dependency. Check out other treatments indicated for chemical dependence.

When is indicated

Acupuncture must be performed by a qualified professional with professional registration and is indicated for anyone who has digestive, neurological and emotional disorders, such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Acupuncture is not recommended for people who have hematological diseases, mainly related to clotting, nor for people who are allergic to metals. In addition, it is important that the person does not fast before the acupuncture session and does not consume coffee or black tea.

Usually acupuncture does not result in side effects, however, in some cases there may be mild adverse effects, such as pain where the needles were placed, dizziness and drowsiness, for example.

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