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How to ensure a smooth trip with bebê

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How to ensure a smooth trip with bebê
How to ensure a smooth trip with bebê

During the trip it is essential that the baby feels comfortable, so his clothes are very important. Clothing for traveling with baby includes at least two pieces of clothing for each day of travel.

In winter, the baby needs at least two layers of clothes to feel warm and cozy, so wearing a bodysuit that covers the arms and legs can be a great help because then just put one blanket on top, covering the whole body.

In warmer places, with temperatures equal to or greater than 24ÂșC, a single layer of clothing, preferably cotton, will be sufficient, and it is very important to protect the baby from the sun.

What to pack for traveling with baby

In the baby's bag must have:

1 or 2 pacifiers Baby Documents
1 or 2 blankets Trash bag for car or plane
Baby bottle, powdered milk and warm water Thermometer
Ready meals for baby, spoon and cup Saline solution
Water Toys
Napkins + baby wipes Hat, sunscreen and insect repellent
Bibs, disposable if possible Medicines prescribed by the pediatrician
Disposable diapers + diaper rash cream Baby's clothes, shoes and socks

In addition to this list, it is important to do your best to ensure that your baby sleeps well the night before the trip, to reduce excitement and stress and thus be able to travel peacefully.

Some travel destinations may require special vaccinations, so check with your pediatrician before traveling.

To travel with the baby by car, use the car seat

Using the car seat is the first care that parents or caregivers should take when riding in a car with the baby. The car seat must be suitable for the age and size of the baby and the baby must remain attached to the car seat with the seat belts of the seat during the entire trip.

When traveling, take breaks every 3 hours to rest baby's back, feed and keep baby comfortable. Traveling with the baby by car should be done, if possible, during the night so that the baby sleeps as long as possible, because that way you don't have to stop so often.

Never leave the baby alone in the car even for a short time, because if the weather is hot the car can heat up very quickly waking up or suffocating the baby.

How to have a smooth plane ride with baby

To travel with the baby by plane, it is important to 'unclog' the baby's ear on take-off and landing of the plane. To do this, make the baby swallow by offering the bottle with milk, juice or water or even the pacifier when the plane takes off or lands.

If the trip is long, you should ask your pediatrician for advice on whether to offer the baby some natural tranquilizer to make the plane trip more peaceful.

A newborn baby's travel by plane should be avoided, as he is still very fragile and can easily get infections from being closed on the plane for a long time. See what age is best for your baby to travel by plane.

To travel by plane with baby, bring a new toy or videos of the spotted chicken to entertain them during the trip. For babies over 1 year old, the gaming tablet is also a good option.

Traveling with a sick baby requires care

To travel with a sick baby, it is important that the doctor is notified and advises on the best care, especially if the disease is contagious, to know when it may be the safest stage of the disease to make the trip.

Take a note of the dose, medication time and the pediatrician's phone number and advise all travel companions about the baby's condition, especially if the baby is allergic to any food or substance.

Another important tip for traveling with a baby is to take a stroller or kangaroo, which can also be called a sling, which is a kind of cloth baby carrier, recommended for babies with a maximum of 10 Kg, to be able to transport the baby anywhere.

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