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5 tips to relax after giving birth (and produce more milk)

5 tips to relax after giving birth (and produce more milk)
5 tips to relax after giving birth (and produce more milk)

To relax after giving birth to produce more breast milk it is important to drink plenty of liquids such as water, coconut water, and rest so that the body has the necessary energy that milk production requires.

Usually the milk let-down occurs on the third to fifth day after birth, which is when the mother and baby are discharged from the hospital. Despite the hustle and anxiety of getting home, it is important to set aside time to relax to ensure good milk production from this date onwards. Tips to relax at home are:

1. Sleep well

It is advised that the mother try to rest or sleep during the periods when the baby also sleeps to regain energy. Drinking a hot beverage such as chamomile or valerian tea or drinking warm milk is an excellent way to calm down, fighting stress and anxiety.

Also, during this rest period, turn off your home phone and cell phone to be able to completely turn off. Counting down from 60 to zero, with your head upturned, leads to greater concentration on a task, leading to greater control of breathing and heart rate, and is also a good help for relaxation.

2. Split tasks

Involving the father in the care of the baby whenever possible, helps to be calmer and calmer, the father can change the diaper or bathe. If you don't have a maid, consider calling on a family member such as a mother, sister or mother-in-law to help with household chores such as laundry, shopping and cooking.

3. Take care of yourself

Taking a hot water bath is good because hot water relaxes the muscles, decreasing tension. After your bath, see if someone can massage your back, neck, and legs, or do it yourself. See how to do it at: Relaxing self-massage.

Also, try going to the hairdresser, reading a book or magazine or watching a movie so you can relax your mind and find well-being.

4. Eating well

In addition, eating foods rich in vitamins and selenium, such as oranges and Brazil nuts, is a way to fight anxiety and stress and help you relax. Read more at: Foods against Anxiety.

To be able to produce a good amount of milk, you should drink about 3 liters of water, fruit juice or tea and opt for a he althy diet to produce good quality breast milk that can meet all needs baby.

5. Limit visits

It is important to define a day of the week and a time for the visits so that the environment is calm for the mother and the baby because the constant visits can become tiring.

Usually, this phase is very demanding and, therefore, it is normal for a woman to feel tired, sleepy and without strength. However, by following these tips you can renew your energy to be able to take care of the baby and be able to breastfeed properly.

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