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What to do to stimulate baby's visionê

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What to do to stimulate baby's visionê
What to do to stimulate baby's visionê

To stimulate the baby's vision, use colorful toys, with different patterns and shapes.

The newborn baby sees best at a distance of about eight to thirty centimeters from objects. This means that when he is breastfeeding, he can see his mother's face perfectly. Little by little, the baby's field of vision increases and he starts to see better.

However, the eye test, which can be performed in the maternity ward and up to 3 months of age, may indicate that the baby has a vision problem such as strabismus, and it is necessary to adopt some strategies to stimulate the child's vision. child.

These games and toys are suitable for all children from birth, but are especially suitable for babies who were born with microcephaly and also those whose mothers had Zika during pregnancy, because they are more likely to have visual problems.

Here are some options you can do at home, daily, to improve your baby's vision.

Best toys to stimulate baby's eyesight

The best toys to stimulate the baby's vision are those that are brightly colored, with bright and vibrant colors, as children's toys are usually. If the toy, in addition to being colorful, still emits sounds, they also stimulate the child's hearing.

You can put a mobile in the baby's crib or a toy arch to put in the stroller that is colorful and has some sound.As the newborn baby spends a lot of time in the crib and stroller, whenever he is seeing these toys his eyesight and hearing will be stimulated.

Colorful scarf play

The game is very simple, just hold a small piece of cloth or colorful scarf with different patterns in front of your baby, making movements to draw the baby's attention towards the scarf. When baby looks, move the scarf from side to side to encourage baby to follow it with his eyes.

Easy toy toys to make at home to stimulate baby's eyesight

To make a colorful rattle, you can put some grains of rice, beans and corn in a PET bottle and close it with hot glue and then glue some pieces of colored tape to the bottle. You can give the baby to play with or show him the rattle several times a day.

Another good idea is on a white styrofoam ball you can stick strips of black glue tape and give it to the baby to hold and play because the black and white stripes attract attention and stimulate vision.

Vision related neurons begin to specialize during the first months of life and this activity stimulates the baby's vision and will ensure a good visual development of the child.

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