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How old is babyê can travel by avião?

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How old is babyê can travel by avião?
How old is babyê can travel by avião?

Air travel is considered safe for most he althy babies and newborns from 7 days after birth by most airlines. However, most pediatricians recommend air travel after the baby is 3 months old, as the immune system is not yet mature, increasing the risk of infections.

In addition, it is recommended to wait for the first 3 months of the baby's life, as this is the stage in which the first doses of vaccines are taken, which stimulates the body's protection to fight infections. Check the baby's vaccination schedule.

It is important to consult the pediatrician before the plane trip to assess the baby's he alth, as premature babies or those with respiratory problems may have contraindications for the trip.In addition, the pediatrician can provide guidance on taking care of the baby while traveling, breastfeeding and changing diapers, for example.

Top precautions for traveling by plane with baby

To travel by plane with the baby, it is necessary to follow some recommendations. The baby can be on either the father's or the mother's lap, as long as his seat belt is attached to the seat belt of one of them. However, smaller babies will be able to travel in an appropriate car seat or basket, which must be given to parents once they are seated in their seats.

However, the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics recommends that the baby has its own seat, to place the baby seat, the same that is used in cars, to provide greater safety during the trip. In most cases, you have to pay an additional air ticket, which can correspond to between 10 and 15% of the adult ticket price, in order to have a seat for your baby.

When traveling with a baby on a plane, it is important to take special care when the plane is ascending and descending, as the pressure on the eardrums can cause a lot of ear pain and can even be harmful to the child's hearing. drinks. In this case, the baby should always be sucking something. A good option is to give the bottle or breast during takeoff and landing of the plane. Here's what to do to relieve baby's earache.

Tips for traveling with babies and children

Some useful tips for traveling with babies and children are:

  • Bring appropriate fever or pain medication for the child, as it may be necessary;
  • Check all the safety of the baby or child, and that the car seat or baby seat is correctly positioned in the airplane seat and meets all safety standards;
  • Take extra clothes in case you need to change;
  • Make sure you bring everything your baby or toddler needs to stay calm, such as a pacifier, diapers, or their favorite toy;
  • Offer the breast or bottle whenever the baby wants to breastfeed;
  • Do not offer heavy or fatty foods to children over 6 months who have already introduced solid foods;
  • Change the diaper whenever necessary, to avoid diaper rash;
  • Always have water, cotton and wet wipes;
  • Bring toys and games to distract the baby or child during the trip;
  • Bring a new toy for the baby or child, as they hold more attention;
  • Check the child's ability to play electronic games or watch cartoons on a portable DVD.

Another tip is to ask the pediatrician if the baby can have some tea with a calming effect, such as valerian or chamomile, to keep him calmer and calmer during the trip.The use of antihistamines that have drowsiness as a side effect should only be used with the permission of the pediatrician. See other tips on what to pack in your suitcase.

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